10 Funny Posters for Your Office Desk

Quirky Quote Posters for Office

How to make your working space interesting and fun? Add some tadka of humourous quotes to your boring work station. These signs are made to make you and whoever visits your desk, laugh and forget your worries for a moment. Relax your mind and start working again. If you are ready to break the tradition of keeping the office desks boring then you are at right place.

10 Funny Posters to have on Office Wall

Coffee Energy Funny Quote

Be cool, drink hot coffee and keep working (even if stupid) with full energy. For the coffee lovers.
coffee for stupid things poster

DJ in Action

For the DJs who love and rock their work. Please note the dull and dumb people will stay away from your desk.
dj in action

Enter at your Own Risk

Need silence and no chatter boxes around your desk. Post this on your office wall and keep the crowd away.
enter at your risk

Kahe Pareshaan Ho Rahe ho

This is the coolest way to tell your boss that this Desi is always chilled.
kahe pareshaan ho rahe ho poster

Keep Your Attitude

For your bossy seniors, say it directly on their faces. Everyone has got own attitude man!
keep your attitude sign

This Machine Has No Brain

A pinch of laughter at your workstation.
machine has no brain sign

Think Outside the Box

The designer of this poster is genius. Time to think really outside the box.
think outside the box

Science in Progress

For those who love experiments and taking risks.
science in progress sign

This is Sparta!

This is to let people around you know that you belong to a greater world. The world of Spartan Warriors.
this is sparta poster

Weight! I am gaining it

Remind yourself your sitting job is the reason behind your weight gain. So stand up and work!
weight i am gaining it poster

Chulbul Pandu’s Territory

Show your territory with total funky way. Who thought of this ChulBul Pandu??
Chulbul Pandu

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