30+ Witty Gift Ideas To Impress Him

30+ Amusing Gift You can Buy Online in India To Make His Big Day Special

Thinking of some creative and funny gift ideas for BAE or hubby?
If the perfect handbook for ‘Understanding Women’ is still not available on this planet then ‘Understanding Men’ is also a big game to understand before giving the best shot. Here are some really smart and ideas for funny gifts for him to buy online in India. Gift these to the special man in your life that may result in kisses and cuddles. All set to explore the broad spectrum of witty gifts? Here it is –

Hilarious Gifts for Him

Shut Up and Train Workout T-shirt


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This funny workout t-shirt is motivating as well and goes with your man’s muscular physique.

Round Neck Graphic T-Shirt With Social Media Meme Face


Buy at FlipKart

This can be a perfect t-shirt to gift your social media addicted BAE.

The Butt Face Towel


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This will help him keep the butt-cleaning part away from his face; well if that bothers to him.

The Bullshit Button


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Whenever he will feel the urge to yell ‘Bullshit’, all he needs to do is press the button. Voila!

Lazy Housekeeper Mop Sleeper


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Help your lazy ass BAE with this easiest housekeeping solution.

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug


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This is the perfect gift to help a man stop talking much shit.

Be A Man Car Bumper Sticker


Buy at JazzMyRide.com

Gift him ‘Be A Man’ bumper sticker which shows a thick moustache signifying your man’s macho personality.

Don’t Follow Me Bumper Sticker


Buy at FlipKart

Bestow your speed and adventure loving hubby or BAE with this creative bumper sticker which flaunts a killer attitude.

Happy Wife Happy Life Safety Sign


Buy at ClickForSign

You can indirectly tell him who’s the boss in the home indeed and he will adore you more.

You Are Being Monitored Warning Sign


Buy on ClickForSign

It’s a great medium to tell your man that you keep spying on him and prevent him from taking the wrong moves. Isn’t it awesome?

Damn! Guy Talking Stress Ball


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The Polyurethane Foam Rubber made stress ball is all set to accept his punches with pleasure whenever he is stressed.

Seriously? Sticky Notes
Prevent your man from doing mistakes and encourage revision while creating important notes.

Office Humor: Funny Business For The Office Notice Board


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This witty book will ginger up his lonesome moments with funny facts and quotes regarding a corporate environment.

Kama Pootra Book


Buy at Amazon

If your man often thinks about his poop and constipation, this is surely your pick.

Funny Beer Coolie Prescription Gag Gift


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The prescription bottle beer coolie will perfectly hold your man’s beer cans and it will look like his doc has prescribed it.

Magnetic Decision Maker


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Please your befuddled man and help him get over the everyday dilemmas with this witty and helpful gift.

Nose Gel Dispenser


Buy at Amazon

This amazing Nose Dispenser will drive the attention of your man and the guests in the first place.

Tikihead Tissue Box Holder


Buy at Amazon

Pulling standard size tissues from the nose-like opening can definitely start your funny conversation with your BAE.

How to Cure a Hangover


Buy at Amazon

It’s a way to say your man to stop being crazy after every hangover.

Mamu Coffee Mug


Buy at HappilyUnmarried

Delight your night owl special someone with this morning coffee mug.

Mat Roko Heavy Metal Sign


Buy at HappilyUnmarried

This amazing and hilariously crafted metal sign stops others to ruin the HIGH moments of your man.

Hand Shaped Hand Soap
This hand shaped hand soap adds to the fun during every bath your man takes.
Operation Theater Signage


Buy at FlipKart

Suitable gift for your busy bee and sleepyhead man.

Rock On Pillow Covers


Buy at GabiLife

Music enthusiast men will adore this gift.

Toilet Basketball Set


Buy at Amazon

Men who love outdoor games can rejoice the gift while pooping or before getting ready for the bath.

Never Mind Owner-Doormat


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If your man is moody and sometimes goes bananas over small talks then you can simply gift this doormat to him and keep your guests aware of his fluctuating moods.

Rockstar Toothpick Holder


Buy at HappilyUnmarried

The toothpick holder is funny and creative. Your man will love this on his desk.

Peg Measurer


Buy at HappilyUnmarried

End the every occasion’s Small-Big Peg fights by gifting this creative product to your man.

Sole Threads Grass Green Flip Flop


Buy at SnapDeal

Men who love jogging but hardly wake up early morning will love this grass green flip-flop.

Fart Whistle


Buy at Amazon

The gift will make your prankster BAE happy like never before.

Gone are the days when men used to get impressed by watches, champagnes, and culinary treats. Modern men want and deserve some funny male gag gifts that help them forget their hectic day and relish few moments of fun. These funny gifts can perk up your man’s leisure moments.

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