5 Cheap Items to Turn Your House into Night-club for a Party

How to Throw an Awesome Party with Low Budget?

Everyone as a host wants to impress the guests. When it is about a dinner party you wish a Jeannie would turn your house in to a night club. Well the main issue is you don’t want to spend too much budget and time and efforts to in for a once in a while event. So here we have some coolest items which are surprisingly low cost and will help you make your dream come true.

Must Buy 5 Items for a Rocking Home Party: With Low Budget

1. Magic Ball Stage Light

Just the ambiance will make you feel like a nightclub in your own house. These rotating colourful magic ball stage light takes minimum space for maximum effect.

To add more effects the floating balloons are here:

2. For a lively party: Props

Be it a costume party or not, props add on fun to a simple house party

+ A Photobooth Prop

3. Funky Ice Moulds

4. Games are Must!

5. No Parties are Silent!

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