50 Unique Return Gifts for Kids Birthday Party

Return Gifts for Children Under 5 years old

Looking for Unique Return Gifts for your child’s birthday party?
Inexpensive and uncommon gift which kids will love.
Here we have such selected unique ideas. We have selected these products from only trusted websites in India for return gifts. Most of times from websites such as ReturnGiftWala.com and PartyOne.in you get wonderful gift packing so you don’t need to worry about the lots of gift wrapping. Reduce your party preparation work by ordering these items online just a week ahead of birthday to make it assured delivery.

Best Return Gift Ideas for Children Under 5 Years

Category 1: Pencil Pouches and Holder

Colorful Attractive Soft Cloth Pencil Pouches

Click to Buy at ReturnGiftwala.com

These are suitable for any age as they look like adorable soft toys. Their shape and style is unique.
Rs. 125/-

Multi-Utility Rainbow Pouch

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

Colorful and useful! Kids will love to carry these pouches in their school bags. Encourage kids to keep things organized.
Rs 136/-

Beautiful Butterfly Pencil Holder

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

Such an attractive pencil holder. Suitable gift for boys and girls. These holders come in various colors and designs.
You get a gift bag free with each holder.
Rs. 89/-

Pencil Shape Shiny Pouch

Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This soft shiny pouch comes in 6 designs. Its made of Vinyl material. An economical yet attractive return gift for girls and boys.
Rs 95/-

Category 2: School Stationary

Smiley Erasers (Pack of 24 Smileys)

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

Aren’t these smile erasers adorable? A collection of 24 smileys for homework time. Most of times kids end up keeping them untouched forever in their collection. These can also be used in kids school projects.
Rs 120/-

Category 3: Unique Items for Fun

Elephant Push hand Fan

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This is manually operated fan but easy to use by single tiny hand. Useful in summers when parents take kids out doors. These fun fans come in various designs and colors.
Rs 95/-

Cartoon Shape Toothbrush Holder

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This Cartoon Shape tooth brush holder will make kids brushing time a fun time. Encourage children for better dental hygiene. Different Designs Available.
Rs 70/-

Stylish Foldable Fans

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

If you are looking for a very different return gift, then this could be a nice idea.
Foldable Fans for kids. The quality of fans is high.
Rs 50/-

Cartoon Design Twisted Straws

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

These fancy twisted straws have silicone cartoon toys attached. The PP plastic material is safe for kids. Kids will love to sip their drink from these straws.
Rs 110/-

Fun Assorted Kid Soaps


Click to Buy @ LittleCharms,net

(Please Note: This is not the original Product Image. Click on it to see the product page on seller’s website)
This set of 4 handmade and glycerin based soaps are safe for kids’ delicate skin. The shapes of soap are kids friendly.
Rs. 190/-

LED Cartoon Kids Night Lamps

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

Another unique gift for kids. This is just perfect for keeping in kid’s bedroom. Can be gifted to girls and boys. Various prints on lamps are available.
Rs 120/-

Cute Kids LED Night lamp by Infinxt

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

These adorable kids lamp come in a pack of 6. 3 AAA Batteries operated, portable and individually box-packed.
Rs. 699/- + 59 Delivery charges

Hello Kitty Sipper Bottle

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This cute bottle is made of food grade plastic. Kids can hold it easily because of its curved shape.
Rs 140/-

Category : Crayon Boxes

Minion Sketch Pen Box

Click to Buy @ ReturnGifwala.com

Minions again? Well yes, Kids love them. Boys and Girls too. This set of sketch pen in funky minion box will be loved by you mini guests.
Rs 80/-

Sea Animal Shaped Crayon and Stamp

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

Sea animal shaped crayons with stamps is beautifully created aquarium theme gift for kids. This product will add more fun to their favorite coloring time.
Rs. 130/-

46 Pcs Colors Box by Infinxt

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

This huge color box contains – Color Pencil, water colors, Crayons and Sketch Pens in a very easy to use box. The layers open in various directions which make it even more attractive.
Rs. 299/- ( + Rs. 59 Delivery charge for single product)

Dancing Animal Soft Fur Pens

Click to Buy @ReturnGiftwla.com

Cute dancing fur animals covered pen is very economical and lovable gift for the little ones.
Rs. 50/-Per pen

Frozen Theme Rubber Stamp and Stamp Pad

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This is most recommended for a girl’s birthday party. Girls love Frozen Movie Princesses. This gift pack contains 3 different shape / design stamps and one ink pad.
Rs. 81/-

Disney Aladdin Mystic Pencil

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

Coloring book of Aladdin’s Adventures. Book of total 7 Pages.
Rs. 47

Category : Sling Bags / Hand Bags

Car Shaped Orange Sling Bag

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

Car Shaped Shiny Sling bag for your little guests is a wonderful return gift.
Ideal to carry kids’ stuff for play time, shopping etc.
Rs 120/-

SuperMinion Sling Bag

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

Probably there is nothing left in kids toys and products where you cannot see a minion. Not kidding. This bag is made for those who want to see the minion with Super Power and also wish to carry it.
Rs 220/-

Fish Design Sling/Hand Bag

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This Pink and Yellow beautiful hand bag is made of fur like cloth. Its soft and very colorful. Suitable for 1 year old to 5 years old.
Rs. 200/-

Category: Watches


These sporty and very eye catchy LED bands will be instant hit in your kid’s party. Unique design and very attractive as a return gift. One set of 12 band
Rs 699/- for 12 Bands

Polka Dot Strap Watch

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

If you are looking for cute gifts for girls then this is one of suggested return gifts for girl guests. The watches come in various designs. You may want to order different designs for girls and boys.
Rs 150/-

Kids Piggy Banks

Puzzle Money Bank Ball

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

It looks like a ball but it’s a money bank. Decorative and useful isn’t it?.
Rs 100/-

3D Despicable Me Minion Coin Bank

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

For Minion Lovers and money savers.
Rs 140/-

Rocking Chair Money bank: Zebra Design

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This cute rocking Zebra will help kids save money. A decorative item for kids’ desks.
Rs. 70/-
Wooden House Coin Bank

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

This wooden house looking coin box has a cute Cow cut-out on front side. This looks like a toy house.
Comes with a free gift bag.
Rs. 89/-

Category: DIY Art and Craft Sets

Worldwide: Houses

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

This gift pack contains DIY 3D models of 13 different houses. More than 100 pcs. This is a recommended gift for kids older than 3 years old.
Rs. 325/-

DIY Designer Beads (Set For Girls)

Click to Buy At ReturnGiftwala.com

This DIY beads set is specially made for girls. There are multiple shapes of beads; girls can create necklace, bracelets and ear rings. This does not need needle or thread.
Rs. 85/-

DIY Creative Foam Beads Dough Art

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

These safe and not sticky colorful beads are actually play dough. The pack contains the stencil to decorate from 8 colorful dough beads.
Rs. 95/- only

Category Combo Bags

7 in 1 Zipper Bag with Box Stationery Frozen Theme

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This combo contains Frozen Themed Pencil Box, Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler, Notebook and one zipper bag for Frozen lovers.
Rs 120/-
Wooden House Coin Box & Animal Photo Frame Combo Pack

Clcik to Buy @ PartyOne.in

This is a combo Box of Coin Box which looks like a wooden house + Photo frame of Animal Design and a Lollypop, all in a cute gift bag.
Rs. 139/-

Chhota Bheem Gift Combo

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

This Combo pack is perfect gift for Chhota Bheem fans. The set contains a Chhota Bheem’s A4 size sticker, a small fan and one eye frame .
Rs. 109/-

Wooden Photo Frame with Animals Cut Outs on it

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

This beautiful wooden photo frame has animal cut-outs on it. You can put it on desktop or hang it on wall.
Rs. 149/-

Princess Sofia Theme Gift Combo Pack

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

This gift combo for girls contains Sofia Photo frame, one photo album and a lollipop in a cute gift bag.
Rs. 199/-

Spiderman Combo Pack

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

Most of boys love Spiderman. This gift pack contains Spider man stickers, LED goggles and one lollipop.
Rs. 149/-

Category : Toys

Colorful Printed LED Balloons

Click to Buy @RetturnGiftwala.com

These unique and uncommon balloons come in a Pack of 5 . Add more glowing colors in your party’s fun time. Pull the string to make the balloons glow (48 hrs)
Rs. 100/-

Animal Finger Puppets by Kuhu Creations

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

Arent they cute?? And you get 10 of them only at 276Rs. Just perfect for kids bed time stories.
Rs. 276/- (free Delivery)

Drum Shaped Wooden Yoyo Ball
drum shaped wooden yoyo

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

They look simple but keep kids busy for hours. Loved by kids the yo-yos are perfect return gifts for kids older than 4years.
Rs. 79/- (Free Gift Bag)

Finger Top

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

Just twirl them by hands. Simple. These tops played by kids of any age.
Rs. 29/-

Glow in The Dark Sticks

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

These sticks instantly glow on bending them and they keep glowing for 2-3 hours.
One set contains 50 sticks
Rs. 249/- (Free Gift Bags)

Chimp Favor Bags


Click to Buy @ LittleCharms.net

(Please Note: This is NOT the original Product Image. Click on it to see the product page on seller’s website)
Cute Yellow Chimp Favor Bags are 8 inches X 8 inches. You can personalize them. Read more about it on seller’s web page.
Rs. 220/-

Spiderman Led Flash Goggles

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

Cool flashy goggles are without glasses which make kids look like real Spiderman.
Rs. 120/- Free Gift Bag

Glow In The Dark Eye Frame

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

These bend-and-make-them-glow eye frames will bring more fun to your birthday party.
Rs. 59/- (Free Gift Bag)

Category: Writing Slate

Magic Slate

Click to Buy @ PartyOne.in

Rs. 99/-

Category: Story Books

Fairy Tales Jumbo Book

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

Books are wonderful gifts. This Fairy Tale Book contains stories of Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladin and many more.
Rs. 140/-

Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

This is one of amazing books by Sudha Murthy.
Rs. 125/-

Malgudi Adventures

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

What to say about it. Let kids know about the wonderful Swami and his friends adventures in Malgudi.
Book by R. K. Narayan.
Rs. 123/-

Category: Mug

Mug For Kids by Tuelip

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

Excellent gift ideas for kids to encourage to drink more milk.
Pack Of 3 Mugs @: Rs. 299/-

Penguin Mug

Click to Buy @ ReturnGiftwala.com

This adorable penguin mug is made of Melamine material. The lid gives the perfect look of a penguin and also keeps the milk warm.
Rs. 220/-

Category: Shades

Foldable Colorful Sunglasses by Infinxt

Click to Buy @ Amazon.in

These colorful sun glasses when folded look like lady bug making them unique and loved by kids.
Rs. 399/- (+ Rs. 59 Delivery charge read more on Amazon.in)

Hand Towels

Ball Hand Towels

kids towel

Click to Buy At LittleCharms.net

(Please Note: This is NOT the original Product Image. Click on it to see the product page on seller’s website)
Looking for personalized gifts? You can order these towels for kids with name of each little guest on it. Isnt that a unique gift? The little guests will be surprised to see their names on the gifts.
Rs. 200/- Per Towel

Car Face Towels

face towels

Click to Buy At LittleCharms.net

(Please Note: This is NOT the original Product Image. Click on it to see the product page on seller’s website)

These hand towels can be personalized with your child’s name on it. Send the clear instructions to the maker.
Rs. 90/-

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We wish you a rocking birthday party and hope our long list of unique return gifts helped you.
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