7 Smart Things to Carry for Fun Road Trip in India

What to Carry for An Indian Road Trip?

Get ready to see ‘Buri Nazar Waley Tera Muh Kala’ at the back of our trucks, for hundreds of times and don’t forget to carry the AUX, for playing your favorite low bass Punjabi Songs, as the state and national highways of India are calling you. The real excitement about traveling begins when we are about to pack in all our stuff for our journey. You check and then re-check to see if you have forgotten any travel essential to pack. You do remember your clothes, beauty and bathing stuff, etc. But we are sure you always forget to pack, any of these 7 things that could turn your simple road trip into a fun road trip!

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7 Travel Essentials for a Comfortable and Fun Road Trip in India

1. Kawachi Car Backseat Organizer

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Don’t make your backseat a battleground of your co-travelers. Before somebody spills his coke on your beloved car seat, before they start playing the ‘blame-game’. Before somebody drops her phone under the seat or before a packet of chips get crunched by somebody’s bags to get showered on your car’s seat cover. You should buy this Car Backseat Organiser for the protection of your seat. Since people are going to sit on it for hours. Let there be peace.

2. Mi Power Bank

mi power bank

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Saving battery’s charge gives many of us a feeling that we have saved a lot of money. That ‘feeling of saving’ things is also one of the life’s joy, isn’t it? Save more to spend the most, when time comes. You are traveling; this is the age of selfies and groupies. And you will need your phone all charged up for it. Power banks prove to be really handy during traveling time. You never know, when the battery’s dead or when you forgot to carry your mobile charger. Hence the need of travel hours is the power bank.

3. Quechua Arpenaz Tent

family tent

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One of the most important rules of fun road trips is that you are not supposed to stay in any fancy hotel rooms for rest. As that instance, you should completely turn into an Indian nomad. A nomad finds his own ‘spot’ to stay, like an ancient caveman. For setting up this tent, you don’t need to be a scout.

4. Bag Organizers

bag organisers

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Organized Traveling is always a wise choice. We all pack an extra pair of shoes, extra pair of socks, an extra clothes and even extra undies! Thinking it to be a safe choice. It’s good to do so, hence we won’t stop you. It’s just that you must know how to carry those extra travel bags throughout your journey. If you don’t want to travel all clumsily, then you could buy both of these Bag Organisers, one for your Clothes.

5.Trtl Neck Pillow

trtl neck support

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Except the person driving the car, most of us fall asleep while we travel. So for this, we have found neck pillow for you, as traveling on road can prove to be a bumpy ride than traveling by air or by rails. In such a condition, your neck could dwindle here and there, constantly until you get awake. This way it could get sprained too! Do you want this to happen? If no, then buy this neck pillow to travel safe for all your journeys.

6. Prestige Portable BBQ Grill Set

prestige bbq set

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Some enjoy baked food, some enjoy steamed food but many enjoy the barbecued food. The pleasure of barbecuing in a place, far from away home is inexplicable. We don’t know who to blame for this, those fiery coals, smoky grill or those firm tongs (Hmmm, mamma mia!). So instead of tearing up the wrappers of packaged food, set up your own BBQ place and make yourself an authentic ‘travel food’.

7. Stoa Paris Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag

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Going on a road trip is all about turning into a rustic traveler. If you are planning for a bonfire night in the open or if you are thinking of setting up a tent for your night stay, then don’t forget to take a sleeping bag with you. In case you forget to carry a bug or mosquito repellent with you, no worries your sleeping bag would keep you all covered. To sleep on it peacefully, you can buy this for Rupees

For a comfortable road trip in India, these things for road travels are a must-have, as traveling is supposed to keep you relaxed. And for a smooth journey, these road trip essentials should not be forgotten. We travel to forget all our life’s troubles, but your trip could trouble you if don’t go prepared. So before leaving for your trip, load yourself with the things mentioned above. Drive safe, make memories and return with great travel photos.

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