9 Funny Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

9 Funnily Smart Kitchen Gadgets to Use

How about having a kitchen helper, to whom you will have to pay no salary at all! Here is a list of 9 kitchen gadgets whom you could employ as one of your kitchen helpers. The best part is they are not only useful but also fun to use, kitchen tools. Given are some unique kitchen items from the online kitchenware market of India.

9 Funnily Smart Kitchen Gadgets to Use

House of Quirk Long Ladle Spoon

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Can you name this dinosaur? In case you don’t know, its name is ‘Apatosaurus ‘.This Apatosaurus inspired, long handle ladle spoon has got four little legs, which serves as the base of your ladle’s bowl.
While serving things like soups, pudding, and custards etc. now you won’t have to find a ‘suitable’ place for keeping your ladle, as you can simply make it stand on the vessel, see the picture above. To pet this most-loved dinosaur in your kitchen, you can buy this ladle spoon for Rupees Click Here

Mr. Tea Infuser

tea diffuser man

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The name of your next kitchen helper is Mr. Tea Infuser. He says,” He can be your very own tea maker.” Though he’s a lazy lad as he rests all the time, but when the duty calls he does his work very obediently. Tea Bags can be messy to use, some say nylon bags are good while some say are in favor of muslin cloth bags. Tea infusers won’t confuse you this much. By the way, Mr. Tea Infuser is asking you, “Which kind of tea do you prefer, strong or light?” To employ him you would have to pay Rupees Click Here

Alcoa Prime Embossed Rolling Pin

hearts rolling pin

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From making beautiful fondant cakes to funky cookies and tarts, you can now emboss and decorate most of your baking items, with Alcoa Prime Embossed Rolling Pin. With embossed rollers and stencils, you may create a cut-out of your baking sheet, instead of engraving it. But with rolling pins, you could create a consistent design without putting much pressure. To make such pretty-looking baked foods, you can buy this rolling pin only for Rupees Click Here

Jelly Ice Cube Mold Maker Tray

ice cup tray

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If want to turn their warm fingers and lips numb then serve them their drinks, on glass made up of ice! Find who’s really thirsty and who’s more daring to drink from it. Now you won’t have to worry about serving your drinks cold, as the ice glass itself would do the job of ice cubes. Ice cubes are old schools it’s time to freeze ice glasses now. See who would care to take a chill out with these glasses, only for Rupees Click Here

Chef’n Hullster Tomato Huller

tomato huller

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After ordering any ‘Stuffed Tomato’ dish in the main course, when they add “…since we don’t get to eat it at home”, we know how you feel. Since tomatoes are soft and slippery vegetables, scooping out tomatoes core can be tricky. But with help of this tomato huller, you would be able to hollow tomatoes, without any trouble. To avoid listening such teasing dialogues like above, you could buy this helpful Chef’ N Hullster Tomato Huller just for Rupees Click to See
Banana Slice Cutter

banana slicer

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Now slicing banana would become as easy as peeling it. With this Banana slice cutter, you can make yourself the classic bowl of milk with banana, the tempting banana split and lip-smacking banana smoothies in no time. Yes, we love to laugh at this innocent fruit many times, but we also know that true banana lovers won’t shy away from buying handy banana slicer. This can be bought for Rupees Click Here

Ketchup Condiment Gun

ketchup gun

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How many times have you poured yourself, any ketchup or sauce more than needed? Well, we all should avoid wasting food, even if it’s a sauce. Don’t you think so? Make killer hot dogs, kebabs and fries etc. by attacking them with this Ketchup Condiment Gun, just for Rupees (currently unavailable)

Butter Up Knife

butterup knife

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You must be applying chunks of refrigerated butter on chapattis, toasts, and sandwiches etc. light-handedly, since you don’t want to rip it in that process. Or maybe you apply more or less of it when using inverted spoons or cutting knives to spread it out. That’s troublesome, isn’t it? If you want to use economically and spread it evenly, you can buy this Butter Up knife for Rupees (Currently Unavailable)

Next Gen Vegetable Peeler

roots veges sharpener

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We always like to garnish our cooked food with some coriander leaves; at times with some slices of lemon, tomato, onion etc. As we know that cooking delicious food is not enough, serving the same in a beautiful way is what makes it look mouth-watering.
With this sharpener you can not only garnish food with slices of carrot, beet root, radish etc. but you could also use the same to peel it. If you want to move beyond those monotonous vegetable slices and make ribbons, flowers, cones etc. try out this Next Gen Vegetable Peeler Sharpener just for Rupees Click Here

With these funny looking kitchen gadgets, you can do some smart cooking. To turn your kitchen room into a playroom of your own, you can use these kitchen appliances. Wait, we think it would be wrong to call them ‘Kitchen Appliances’, as the name ‘Kitchen Toys’ suits them better. Toys are fun, aren’t they? So for your playful cooking sessions, use these Kitchen Toys now available online, in India.

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