A Necklace that will Keep Your Daughter Safe!

SAFER S.O.S Necklace/ SAFER Smart Pendant

All parents find solace in the fact that their children are safe and secure from the evils of the world. However, as they grow up it gets difficult to contain them from being exposed to the bad aspects of life. They want to spend more time outside with their friends and explore life. The issue of safety becomes a primal concern for parents with daughters. It is bitter fact that the lands aren’t safe for females. Thus, parental urge compels us to know where and with whom our daughters are at all times. And it would be selfish to bar them from living their life for themselves. It is this where the SAFER necklace works like a charm!
This product by Leaf Wearables can send SOS signals to loved ones in time of emergency. Essentially, it is a women’s safety app tucked inside an accessory. The design of the SAFER necklace makes it unique. It caters to young girls as well as older women. Given it is fashioned in the form of a shiny piece of jewellery; it seems attractive to young girls. As for the older women, they can pair the locket with a dress or hide it under a T-shirt/top while out having fun.

So How Do You Use a Necklace during An Emergency?

• Just press the bejewelled pendant twice and the wearer’s location will be sent to their friends and family.
• A message and call from the company will also be made to the registered numbers.
• Moreover, one can also beckon emergency services using this necklace.
• Also, it can direct you to the nearest police station as well as a hospital.

The pendant serves to alert notifications and take selfies too! It is equipped with Bluetooth. After pairing with a phone, it will alert you about messages by vibrating. What’s more, just click the pendant and take selfies!
This essential women’s safety item is available in three attractive colours- onyx, emerald, and sapphire. It helps to keep our precious princesses safe and sound while not compromising on their socializing. Thus, this smart jewellery is the perfect gift and a must-have jewellery for your daughter.

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