Amazing Mobile Phone Accessories to Make Life Easier

Smartphone Accessories You Should Know

Mobile accessories are an essential. They make our already cell phone reliant lives easier. These little gadgets are also trendy and add touch of colour to our devices. Be it an artistic back cover or a power bank, mobile accessories are certainly a must have. This is why we have a compilation of some of the best mobile accessories one can have.

Interesting Mobile Phone Accessories to Buy Online in India

1. Coco Phone Wired Headset Receiver

Missing the old days when you could pick up a phone receiver and have unending phone calls? Well then, the Coco Phone wired headset receiver is the accessory you need. The colourful headset is styled like a receiver of a landline phone and connect with each and every phone. The device is also designed to protect you from the harmful radiation damage that having a cell phone close to your ear can cause. It even comes with a hang up button! This little device is perfect for those of us who can always be found talking on their phones.

2. Novicz Mobile Universal Charger

This is the device to buy if your are looking for a wireless charging option. The Novicz charger is very handy and travel friendly. It will make charging easier by reducing the hassel of wires. You can just plug it in the socket on the wall and put your phone in the holder to charge. The device is compatible with most phones and MP3 players.

3. VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Headset

Looking for an affordable VR headset? Look no further than the VR Box 2.0 headset. It has all the features of a high end VR headset, is compatible with most phones yet doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is ideal for gamers to enjoy VR video games. It’s 3D split screen feature makes viewing videos an amazing experience as well.

4. Insasta Universal Cell Phone Camera Lens

For all the selfie addicts and photography lovers, this is a must have accessory. If you aren’t one of such people but know someone who is, then this device makes a great gift idea for them. The 3-in-one lens kit will help to capture high quality pictures with your phone. The macro lens takes sharp pictures, the fish eye lens can take brilliant panorama shots and the wide angle lens provides your snaps a better frame. The Insasta Universal cell phone camera lens is compatible with most phones and ideal for those who love their selfies, travel often or enjoy taking pictures on their phone.

5. DeviceBath Multi-use UV Sterilizer

In case you are someone who worries about the germs your cell phone might have or about the UV radiation, this cleaner is for you. The DeviceBath multi-use UV sterilizer cleans your phone while charging it. It fits almost all phones and is light to carry around while traveling.

6. Chronix Sockets Blue Nebula Cell Phone Stand

Most people are prone to drop their phone. It can be very challenging to text or answer call while multitasking. This little stand makes it all easier by enhancing the grip. The colourful stand fits right at the back of our phones or tablets and helps us balance our devices easily. It can also expand and collapse. Thus, it makes taking pictures or placing a phone while watching videos smoother. It also adds a patch of design to our back cover.

Such mobile accessories make our daily work a much swifter ride. In today’s digitized age one cannot be away from a cell phone for too long. Our work life depends on it. That is why amazing cell phone accessories like the ones mentioned in our list are so crucial to own. You can help us expand our collection by commenting your recommendations below.

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