Amazing Water Jug Bottles and Cups made from Clay

Best of Kullad Sets and Earthenware to Buy online in India

It’s a very proud thing for the Indian culture that the Earthenware has revived and making waves in the households. The goodness of the clay pots and accessories can’t be described in a single word or sentence. The clay pots add to the circulation of the moisture through them and hence make the cooking experience a treat. Be it the taste or the sustainability of the nutrients in the cooked food; the clay pots takes care of your food in a magical manner and keeps you connected with your Indian roots. Here are some beautiful clay glasses and water bottle made of clay that can add to your culinary grace.

Selected Kullad Sets and Earthen Glass/Water Sets

Traditional Set of Earthen Serving Glass

Maker: Mitti Magic.
Experience the true essence of earthenware in the natural brown colored non-toxic serving set of clay glasses. No flashiness, no added colors and no glaze – just a gentle treat made of eco-friendly material for your kitchen.

Tea Set Made of Earthenware

Maker: Mitti Magic
It’s a unique experience to enjoy the hot tea in natural kullad set or clay tea set. Here comes a beautifully crafted and sophisticated tea set in its natural essence to make your teatime memorable.

Stylish Clay Cups for Milk, Tea or Coffee

Maker: Organic and More
Now you can take every sip of tea, coffee or milk being proud of the rich Indian culture keeping the fascinating clay cups near your lips. The kullad cups online can be a great gift idea for your nature-loving near and dear ones too.

Handcrafted Clay Bowl Set for Serving Soup

Maker: Swadeshi
The goodness of clay, when gets blended with a mesmeric design and a commendable handcraft, the result always becomes awe-inspiring. The beautiful clay bowl can be used for microwave cooking and indirect flame traditional cooking. It’s easy to use and clean.

Earthen Water Jug

Maker: Mitti Magic
It can store lots of drinking water and keep it cool for long. The traditional style water jug is completely safe and healthy for everyday use. It avoids the accumulation of toxins and bacteria in the water.

Kullad Clay Cup Set Handcrafted for Everyday Use

Maker: The Himalaya Craft
Include the kullad set in your everyday regime and stay healthy and fresh for years. The kullad cup increases the taste of served tea, milk or coffee in it and reminds you of your opulent Indian tradition.

Water Bottle Made of Clay

Maker: MittiCool
Take a break from the plastic or metal water bottles and add the natural clay bottles in your lifestyle. Kids can avail a myriad of health benefits using the water bottle made of clay on a daily basis.

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