Awesome Birthday Gifts for 10 Years Old Boy

Gifts ideas for 10-year-old Birthday Boy in India

Kids get excited about their birthdays, one month before their D.O.B. arrives; and whom to blame for this? It’s the thought of birthday parties and birthday gifts that keep their adrenaline high. Since your son is going to turn 10 years old, his age will now consist of two digits- ‘one and zero’(that itself is a big number for him!). So for making his 10th birthday remarkable, select any of these unique gifts that he will remember for the rest of his life.
Because with a sieve-like memory, even I remember very well that I got a pink-roofed piggy bank dog house. That had a cute-looking Dalmatian sitting on its front door!

What to gift your son on his 10th Birthday?

Zeus Z1 Dual Suspension Bicycle

dual suspension bike

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The dual suspensions, of this bicycle act as a shock-absorber. Whether it’s a car, a bike or a bicycle, rugged roads tire everyone. But with dual suspensions, running the cycle on uneven roads will not be a tiring task for your kid. You can give him, Zeus Z1 Dual-Suspension Bicycle so that he could reach his friend’s house, his playground, and his tuition class without troubling you

But hey! Safety comes first. Even before you buy this bicycle, don’t forget to place an order for his cycling helmet.

suspension bike helmet

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Amazon Kindle for Kids

With Amazon Kindle your kid won’t get scared, seeing the pages or thickness of a book. From reading fictions to non-fictions, a book will always have a lesson to teach him. You can buy this little library as it’s better to start young. Say thanks to the children’s book editors of Amazon, who have specially curated a list of million books for your 10-year-old. See which all books, he can read with the Kindle.

Anti-Gravity Running Boots

Children like doing ‘fun-stuff’ and jogging seem to bore them. If your kid is not interested in jogging with you, he will soon be ready for it with these anti-gravity running boots. On running with these boots, he will feel light and bouncy.
The boot can bear up to 96 lbs, so if your kid is suffering from obesity or something, you can gift this to him. Simple neon sports shoe will look ‘strict’ to him, but not these.

Pogo Jumping Ball Stick

Boing….boing…, will be the sound when he will jump outside your home’s garden. Usually, there are spring pogo sticks; however the spring gets broken down easily. But here, your child’s weight will get distributed all over the ball. This makes the Jumping Ball Pogo Stick durable to use. The feet platform of this Stick is broad enough, to let him rest his feet on it.
Don’t forget to instruct him that, he should not take his jumpy ride on the roads.

And, don’t let him be a daredevil without safety gears.

pogo stick helmet

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DCMR Black Digital Watch

digital watch

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Lectures about the importance of time management won’t teach anything to your kid. Hence parents go for a practical way. They prefer giving wrist watch to their child for making them learn about doing things on time. The Watch is made up of rubber. Hence it won’t get damaged easily due to continuous wear and tear. Also, he will enjoy wearing this, as it’s a look-alike of a Smart Watch.

Zinc Street Slider Glider Boots

These are not what you think. They are not skates. They are gliders! There are two wheels at its rear. This means he will have to glide with his heels. The wheels have even got lights (Fancy! eh).
This glider needs no batteries; they function on motion (moving). Whether or not he knows how to skate, he will soon learn to glide safely with knee pads, elbow pads and yes helmet too. The Slider boots can bear up to a weight of 55 Kgs. They are also available in different colors, do check.
It will be better if you fasten the glider’s foot straps onto his shoes as he may not be able to do it, all by himself. Until he learns how to glide, stick close to him. For spending some ‘parent-son’ time, you can buy this.

Skate Board with Mirror Surface and LED lights

Firstly, Hoteon Skateboard, has a unique ‘concave shaped platform’. This way your son will then be able to make smooth turns and cuts, on it. Secondly the Skateboard has ‘Wearable Wheels’. This means, the wheels are attached to the foot straps.Due to this he will get better control over his body movements.
It has got even LED lights on its wheel; hence your son will literally shine while riding it.
It also has rubber brakes, PU wheels and handles.
The handles are at each side of the Board, with its help he can do all kinds of ‘hand stunts’.
PS: Even if you won’t tell him, he will know about it!
Hence, safety before skating should be yours and his priority. For this you should get, knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets, before buying the Skateboard.

Infrared Nano Helicopter

Whenever any airplane crosses our house, everyone’s eyes searches for the plane. You may not be doing this anymore, but your kid surely does this. Safety guidelines: A terrace and sidewalks are not a place to play. Hence don’t let him run it either, on the terrace or on the roads.

Bumblebee Transformers Convertible Robot Car

transformer robo car

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Why Transformer’s Bumblebee is so popular? Instead of asking this question to boys, you should ask girls about him. Their responses will sound like this:
“He has a bright sunny color, he plays radio to talk, he is so peppy, he is so heroic, and he is so ‘Aww’. We love him! “.
Well boys don’t have a ‘Aww’ feeling for Bumblebee. Except that they also love him for the same things.
This Toy is typically a Robo-Car. Hence along with having a modish sports car, he will also have a lovable robot with him, to play. Both of them run by a remote. With the remote control system, you can make it convertible and motional.

The birthday boy might not realize the importance of those ten years, but as a parent you know what it means to you. Quite a feeling of achievement and satisfaction it is, isn’t it? You will feel the same when he turns eighteen and after that, you will be like “Son! Get a Job!” These were some of the gifting ideas that you can give as a present to your son. With these gifts tell him that for you, his 10th birthday is as special as a century in cricket.


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