Beat the Heat This Summer with These Cool Products

How to keep your room cool this summer without an A/C

Trickles of sweat roll down your face, the weather has almost exhausted you and the only conversation starter these days is “Oh man! Isn’t it hot?”
That is exactly why we have some amazing beat the heat products that you should get your hands on now! Well we hate to break it to you but ‘Hot Summer is here’
Forget tips, here are some products that will help you get through the summer with ease.

8 Awesomely Smart Products to Keep You Cool

Mini Fragrant Air Cooler

mini Fragrent Air Cooler

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The heat definitely causes disturbances in our progress at work. Do you struggle to balance between concentrating on your laptop along and staying comfortable in this hot weather? Then this is just perfect eco-friendly product for you. This Mini Fragrant Air Cooler can be connected to the USB slot of your laptop and it does not require any external power. It is completely portable with adjustable wings. Here is the fun part- You can also add fragrant beads and some water into the storage box which is inside the fan and make it your aromatherapy diffuser. Now you can slay at work in peace as this cooler likes to work in mute mode!

Beer Chiller Rod

beer chiller rod

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Now, who does not want to settle these summer holidays with a beer? Here is a tip to beat the heat with this beer chiller rod. All you have to do is freeze it for 4 hours at the coldest setting available on your fridge and simply insert it into a standard beer bottle, gently push down on the top of the chiller to activate the spill-proof seal. Sit back and enjoy your chilled beer!

Mobile Fan

usb mini fan

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Time to get blown this summer! Here is an exclusive portable fan that will keep you cool on the hot days- A mini USB fan. All you have to do is plug it into your phone and you have a handy fan ready! Even though it is extremely small and light weight the air supply is breezy enough to keep you cool. You can even plug it into your power bank and make it portable.

USB Mini Fan

usb clock fan

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If you do not want to reduce your phone battery you can opt for this USB mini fan that is small and convenient to use. You can program it for message. All it needs is a USB connection. It is a perfect way to ventilate in office or home. This summer, air is all we are going to need. The soft leaves of the fan are very safe, even while the fan is rotating you will be saved from any injury.

Decanter Infuser


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Staying hydrated in the summer is the number one tip to beat the heat. Designed with the highest standards of quality, this decanter infuser is an ideal option for preparing fruit juices or refreshing liquids. Just lift the clear lid to fill water or juice in the jar and fill fruits in the filter tube that infuses to add flavor to the liquid. Its filter tube can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. The reason this is an ideal beat the heat product is because a water bottle can always come handy.

Rose Air humidifier

rose air humidifier

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The Rose Humidifier is a beautiful and very useful addition to your home or working space. It works on a USB connection and is a humidifier which emits cool mist via ultrasonic vibration keeping space around it cool. It doesn’t make sound and looks attractive on desk. The humidifiers also help you keep away from cold and cough. If you add a few drops of essential oil it will turn in to an aromatherapy diffuser too. It can be used at night as essential oil diffuser. Indeed, this dessert rose is a must-have summer product.

USB Programmable Fan

usb clock fan

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Isn’t it cool to have your own personalized fan that displays the exact text you want to see? This USB programmable fan can be powered via USB, on laptop or power bank anywhere anytime owing to its feature of being light weight. To display the text you want, all you have to do is connect the fan to a computer via USB cable & edit LED message in your own words and let it flatter you.

Frozen Slushie

frozen slushie

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Whether it is children or seniors, slushies in the summer are enjoyed by everyone. If the hotness gets too much for you, you can satisfy your cold cravings with this frozen slushie. Store it in the freezer, wait for it to freeze, add in your chilled drink and squeeze and voila! You’re good to swoon your senses with a delicious drink. Since it is made with silicon material it makes easy to squeeze. This summer make your own slushies at home!

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