Beautiful Clay Diyas for This Diwali

Decorative Clay Diyas To Buy Online in India

During Diwali, Hindus light Diyas in their houses. This is not just for decoration purpose. According to Hindu Dharms/Religion, enlightening Diyas on eve of Diwali brightens up their lives. It invites the goddess Laxmi and keep the darkness i.e. evil away from the house. Though recently the wax and LED diyas are popular, clay diyas are a must during Diwali.
So to enlighten your house beautifully this Diwali, we have brought you the beautiful collection of Clay Diyas.

Decorative Clay Diyas for Diwali

Brown Traditional Clay Diyas

Traditionally the original colour of Diyas i.e. earthen color is loved by Indians. So our list starts with this set of 21 Diwali Deep

Colorful Diya: Set of assorted 6 colored Diyas

Multicolored decorated diyas

Designer Diya Tray

Laxmi Puja Special Diya Tray

Pear Shaped 4 Clay Dias

Round Shaped Akhand Diya

Stunningly beautiful Diya Tray

Brass Diya Set of 8

If you want to buy one time and reuse for many years, this is a best choice. Brass Diyas look beautiful, easy to clean and very durable.

MultiColored Floral Floating Diyas

Wax Diyas + Candle Holder: they can float on water. Set of 6.

Candle Holder Matki Set

Set of 10 adorable matki diyas.

Red Colored Decorative Candle Holder Diya

The beautiful mirrors and handcrafted diya can be used through out the year to decorate your house.
It’s a set of 6 pieces

Golden Candle Holders

Candles Set of 50

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