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Clay Pots for Cooking

The use of Earthenware is centuries-old thing. Earth is one of the Five Elements or Panchabhuta and its goodness has no limits. Cooking in clay pots are in trend not just because the pots have rejuvenated with some stunning designs and arts but due to its range of health benefits. Here are some creative and useful clay cooking pots and utensils for kitchen that will comply with your kitchen décor and fulfill your health cravings.

Kitchen Utensils Made From Clay/Mitti Ke Bartan

Large Size Clay Kadhai

Indian kitchens are incomplete without a Kadhai and hence the beautiful clay Kadhai displaying a brilliant craftsmanship is available to meet the regular Indian home culinary needs. It sustains the food nutrients and adds to the food’s taste.

Clay Handi with Lid

Enjoy your Veg or Non-Veg dishes in the traditional clay handi with no embellishments. The product can be used on the gas stove and its huge capacity can help you manage the special recipe for many guests at a time.

Earthen Kadai For Cooking Curry & Dal

Looking for non-metal Kadai? Here is a cool and healthy alternative for you. The traditional style clay kadai can do wonders with your recipe and go well the Microwave and stove temperatures.

Earthen Fry Pan for Curry / Dal /Frying with Lid

Clay utensils AKA Mitti-ke-bartan online shopping? Here is a value for money pick for your kitchen. The clay fry pan will get heated quickly and add goodness to your recipes like Curry, Dal and more.

Mitti Terracotta Clay Tawa

Not happy with the taste of Roti? using the old metal Tawa? Try the Earthenware Tawa and experience the difference by yourself. You can pick the clay pots for cooking in Bangalore for a better health of your family and near ones.

Donabe Japanese Hot Pot

The clay bottles and clay cooking pots are always a great pick when it comes to presenting amazing food with uncompromised health benefits. If you are asking where to buy clay pots for impressing your guests with its presentation, here is your answer. The sturdy clay Hot Pot with a creative design will keep your food hot and fresh for long.

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