Best 3 Smart Watches that will Make You Smarter!

The top Three Smartwatches in India

Wouldn’t it be nice if the watch on your wrist could take pictures or make calls? Instead of reaching in your pocket or purse to wiggle out your phone every time. Especially while commuting. A wearable device that looks like a watch but serves the same purpose as a phone! This very innovation is what makes the smart watch such an essential multitasking device.

Thinking of owning one yourself? Let us make it easier. We have selected the three best smartwatches for you.

Most Popular Smart Watch Brands in India

1. Pemsons Smartwatch cum Phone

This wrist watch has all the functions of a cell phone. It has a 2G sim card slot, a 2-megapixel camera and can support a memory card up to 32GB. Moreover, it’s equipped with Bluetooth, so you can pair your phone with it and access notifications on the watch. The watch is compatible with all kinds of phones like Apple, HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, XIAOMI, and so on. It also has a G-sensor. The Pemsons smart watch comes with apps like phone tracker, pedometer, sleep monitor as well. It is available in rose gold, grey and black variants.

2. Captcha DZ09 Smart Watch with K1 Headset

This smart watch is compatible exclusively with the Mi Redmi Note 4G. It also comes with a 2G sim slot of its own. It also has a built-in speaker so you can listen to music anywhere. Along with the smartwatch, you also get the K1 headset. This silicon headset is multi connection Bluetooth headphone designed to comfort your ear. It features intelligent voice recognition technology that makes using devices connected to it, a truly hands-free experience. What’s more, the Captcha duo comes with a one-year warranty with door-step replacement. All these features make this product an amazing gift for someone who owns an MI Redmi Note phone.

3. ST01 Smart Wrist Watch by Santwissen (Kids Special)

This colourful device has an OLED 0.66 inch LCD screen, a 32MB RAM and 32MB ROM. The brightly colourful straps are made of Non-toxic hypoallergenic silica gel and don’t damage the skin. The smartwatch is designed specifically for children. So, in case you want to be in touch with your child but don’t want them to own a cell phone yet, this device is certainly the solution. It allows only a set of numbers to call and contact the owner. The sensor on the watch will ping the parent in case the child takes off the watch. Also, the gadget comes with GPS, so you know where your child is at any moment. You can also set a safe zone for your child on the device. Thus, in case, he or she steps out of this zone, the device will ping you. Moreover, the ST01 also has an emergency push button which the child can push in case of danger. The device will send an SOS signal immediately to the parent. This smartwatch comes in attractive colours like yellow, blue, pink and green for children. This makes it a must-have device for child safety.

So, Why Should You Own a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are the technology of the next generation. They can make video calls, voice calls, play music, track your movements and the touch screens can be used to reply to Whatsapp messages, check Facebook and Twitter. They make functionality easier, hands-free and accessible. These watches are phones, calculators, portable music players and GPS compiled into one signal device that sits on your wrist. These watches do well beyond telling time. They make you smart on-the-go.

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