Best Inexpensive Body Washes in India

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Most of us lifestyle-savvy eco and chemical-free product-loving creatures have moved on from soaps to body washes. These liquid body cleansers wash away dirt, scrub dead skin and nourish it all while eliminating a soothing fragrance. Earlier, such bath products were a luxury. And while there still is a luxury range, body washes have grown to become affordable and provide the same experience than their expensive counterpart. This is why we have soaked ourselves into the soapy goodness of body washes and are here to shower you with the best body washes under a budget in India.

Best Body Washes for Men and Women in India

1. Morning Tonic by Palmolive

This green liquid is a tonic indeed! With a heavenly fragrance which relaxes you the moment you open the cap of the bottle, it will cleanse and make your skin soft. The mixture of citrus with tangerine oil and lemongrass is the ideal blend to cater to those whose skin type is somewhere between normal to oily. This morning booster is also super affordable!

2. Lavender and Ylang ylang body wash by Khadi Herbals

Khadi has emerged as a brand which delivers organic, chemical-free products at an affordable price. With this SLS and paraben free body wash the company hits two birds with one stone. First, is the affordability. Khadi’s range of body washes have been some of the cheapest as well as the best among the world of bath products. Second, Khadi uses not one but two relaxing ingredients- lavender and ylang ylang- in this body wash. Both these components without the interference of chemicals, relax the skin, make it soft and enhance a daily shower into a miniature spa experience. The Lavender and Ylang ylang body wash suits all skin types. The only downside to this amazing body wash is its availability. You can only purchase it online due to lack of Khadi stores.

3. Go Fresh Body Wash by Dove

If you have dry or sensitive skin this body wash will soften your skin and hydrate it. The Go Fresh body wash by Dove is milder than its soap. With the goodness of cucumber and milk along with Nutrium Moisture technology, the creamy liquid will penetrate the deepest layers of your skin cleansing as well as moisturizing it.

4. Active Clean Shower Gel by Nivea Men

Yes, it is from the men’s range. However, it gets the job done and is one of the best body washes for those who have sensitive and oily skin – just the way most men’s’ skin tends to be. The Active Clean Shower gel by Nivea combines the nourishment of the Nivea creme with activated charcoal which deeply cleanses the skin. The product can even be used to wash hair. This affordable shower gel can be used by the entire family for the well-being of their skin.

5. Rain Bath by Neutrogena

As we climb a bit higher branch in the collection, this body wash is a mid-level branch. Neutrogena which is known in the world for its dermatologically-designed products it is no surprise that their body wash stands out. The honey-colored liquid is aptly named rain bath. It delivers on all fronts – softness, fragrance and cleaning ability. The fragrance will invigorate as well as relax you. WHile most body washes last up to two months is used sparingly, Rain Bath will last you much longer. Moreover, very little quantity is required as it lathers up quickly and proves enough. Also, the pump-dispenser makes it easy to use, unlike other shower gels and washes which need quite the bit of squeezing.
Body washes aren’t just the “in thing”. Soaps contain more chemicals and make skin dry. The ones which don’t are quite expensive. This is why body washes are now being used prominently. Just the way a face wash is important to your skin care routine, body washes also play a major part in taking care of your body. While there are hordes of them available in the market, not all of them deliver or are a pricey affair. They even make a pleasant gift for your mom, sister or daughter. This is why we had to lather up to find the best body washes under a budget in India. If you want to make the search cleaner, comment below with your favorite body wash. If it isn’t on this list we’ll make sure to make an addition.

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