Best Kids Pogo sticks to Buy Online in India

Top 5 Safe Pogo sticks for Kids in India

Trying to get kids outside to play has gotten difficult. Moreover, some kids are quiet lonely with nobody to play with. It is then hard to keep kids physically active. This is where toys like a pogo stick come to parents’ rescue.

What is a Pogo Stick?

A pogo stick has a metal or a plastic pole with a spring below footrests at the bottom and a handle at the top. It is used for jumping. Kids love jumping higher and higher. This is why this jump stick is an ideal toy to buy. It teaches kids to use their strength, maintain balance and improves concentration all the while having fun.

Hand Picked Different Types of Pogo Stick for Children

A pogo stick can be a good way to physically engage your six to ten-year-old. That is why we have handpicked a few for you.

1. Sports Quality Pogo stick by Provident

This stick has won several accolades for its build and quality. It is strong and durable, supporting up to 35kg of weight. One can go as high as 24 inches bouncing on this stick. The sports quality stick also has a wide non-slip footrest for protection. It comes in blue and pink colors.

2. Kidoozie Foam Jumper

This attractive stick in the form of a unicorn is specifically designed for little children. Given the sturdy base is made of foam, it can be used indoors too. And it won’t scratch any of your floors! The Kidoozie Jumper comes with a speaker to delight the kids as they bounce. The foam jumper is perfect for kids who love to jump around.

3. Go Go Pogo Stick

jump stick also comes with a counter to keep track of how many times a kid bounces and tell them their score. It is a perfect jump stick for kids to play on their own or play along with their friends. Either way, they are bound to enjoy this pogo stick. The Go Go Pogo is designed for kids above five years of age.

4. Olly Polly Jump Set

This product is comprehensive of all the features of a good pogo stick. It has a firm grip handle and straps, can support up to 65kgs and a soft foam base. The pole is an elastic cord which is adjustable according to height. The Olly Polly Jump set is designed for hyperactive kids above 8 years of age.

The Highs of a Pogo Stick

These sticks help in the essential physical development of a child. They develop hand-to-eye coordination, strengthen your core muscles, and teach them to maintain balance themselves. Bouncing on these sticks give their physical fitness a bounce too. However, certain precautions must be taken before putting your kids on them.

Safety before Bouncing

– Make sure you buy a helmet for your kid. Inevitably, kids will fall while bouncing. Being safe would help make sure there are no injuries.

– Also, make sure your kid wears this helmet every time he uses a pogo stick.

– Do not use the stick on slippery surfaces. Examples include wet floors, soil, polished tiles, etc.

– Teach the kid about safety measures while using the stick

– Teach the kid not to use it on surfaces like benches and tables.

Pogo sticks are really helpful for a kid’s growth. They are also used by adults to exercise. If you spot one which is compatible for both your child and yourself, consider getting it to get you in shape too. But always make sure that you take the necessary steps before bouncing.

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