Best Refreshing Desk Plants for Workplace

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The workplace environment may seem boring after a tiring day. More often than not one can’t avail a garden offering fresh air and refreshing green view near every office desk but the desk plants can be implemented anywhere easily. Here is the list of the best office desk green plants that you can easily carry anywhere and place near your office desk to get a revitalizing view and fresh air throughout the office hours.

Small Pot with Plants for Desk: Buy Online in India

Syngonium Desk Plant

The best thing about the Syngonium plant is its appearance and its velvety body. The plant is considered to bring good luck and generate a positive vibe around. The plant comes with a ceramic pot which adds to its beauty and value.

Air Purifying Spider Plant

Spider plants are widely known for their air purifying characteristics. They take away the toxic elements from the air and keep the atmosphere fresh and clean. These plants are easy to grow and maintain. The spider plant comes with a ceramic pot which consumes very less space.

Exotic Indoor Oxygen & Air Purifier Plant

The Exotic Indoor Oxygen plants purify air without demanding much maintenance. They can grow significantly in the low-light and limited water conditions. They perfectly go with any workplace interior and fit well in every space of any size.

Aralia Desk Plant with Ceramic Pot

Aralia plants are popular for their umbellate flowers and fascinating aroma. The plant comes with an enticing ceramic pot which is portable and consumes less space.

Aralia Variegated in Smiley Cup

It’s time to avail the goodness of the Aralia plant along with a creative cup holding it and amplifying its beauty. The plant needs limited maintenance and you can place it on a desk of any size.

3Pcs Cylinder Clear Glass Hydroponic Flower Plant Vase Bottle

Create your custom workplace environment putting the eye-catching Hydroponic Flower vase on your office desk. The boon of the science and the bliss of nature will combine together to create a refreshing ambiance.

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants have a great niche in the Chinese tradition. They bring prosperity, good luck, strength and positivity. It’s time to make your performance holler keeping the good luck on your office desk.

Gasteria Green Succulents

You can add flair to your workplace environment putting the Gasteria Succulent plant with an attractive pot on your office desk. The plant will keep you in high spirits and add grace to the surrounding.
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