Best T-shirts with Thumb Hole for Men & Women in India

Full Sleeve T Shirts with Thumb Holes

T-shirts with thumb hole are not new. The trend started back in mid 90s when some college girls experimented the holes in the full sleeves for a cool look.
What are the thumb holes for?
Main reason for the thumb holes is for Running/Jogging/Cycling when you don’t want the sleeves roll back on the arms.
People call it Ninja style. They are used in winters specially to cover the possible gap in the rims of Sleeves and the hand gloves.
But College going students wear them all year round because of its trendy look. Boys and Girls both have amazing variety on these fashionable t-shirts to buy online in India.
Here we have the most attractive and stylish Thumb hole T-shirts for Men and Women

Full Sleeve T-Shirts with Thumb Holes: For Men in India

Navy Ombre by Fugazee

100% Cotton, Crew Neck and Slim Fit

Red Jacket with Zipper by Gritstones

100% Cotton and Solid Red Color

Black and Gray Stripes By Hypernation

Maroon and Black by Hypernation

Steel Gathered Sleeves by Fugazee

Grey and Black Color by Hypernation

Black Solid by Fugazee

White Distressed by Fugazee

Full Sleeve T-Shirts with Thumb Holes: For Women in India

Black and Grey Stripe by Hypernation

Hypernation Maroon and Black Color Round Neck Thumb Insert Cotton T-shirt For Women

Hypernation Black and White Stirpe Round Neck Thumb Insert Cotton T-shirt For Women

Animal Womens/Ladies Jess Shine Long Sleeve T-Shirt (12) (Black)

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