Amazing Birthday Gifts for Boys under Rupees 500

Interesting Toys for 8 to 12 years Boys around 500 Rs. : You can Buy Online in India

What will a boy love to get as his 10th birthday from his friends and relative?
What are the dream gifts of a boy in preteens, exactly?
Are all of them are after play stations, self-balancing scooters, and x-box?
NO. We know this because we have curated such gifts for boys, which will give them joy equivalent to their ‘dream gifts’. Here’s a list of some interesting, uncommon and fun birthday gifts, available online (below 500Rs.) in India for 8 to 12 years old boys.

Uncommon and Educational Birthday Gifts for Boys (8 to 12 yrs old)

DIY Solar Robot Kit

diy solar robot kit

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Above you are seeing a cognitive type toy. Cognitive toys help in developing intellect and brain of kids. In this toy set, your boy can make up to 14 robots, with the help of instruction manual provided. Lego was a thing of past. Since your boy is now growing up and his interest in now moving from, dragons to robots. Seeing this Robot Kit, his eyes will surely shine with amaze. See him jump after he finishes making each robot.

Sports Watch

sports watch

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Since he will wear this Sports Watch, for his everyday football match! Now he won’t have any excuse, for coming late. Since the watch is water resistant, your boy can wear it, in his swimming classes too. So for making him learn about punctuality, gift him this Skmei Black Strap Digital Watch.

Kutuhal DIY Hydroelectricity Power Kit

hydroelectricity power kit

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Seeing this you must be thinking that the whole kit runs on batteries. But the interesting part is. It doesn’t. Yes! It’s a non-battery operative toy that can help him know, how water generates electricity. Your choices will indirectly mold his favorites and his choices too. Suppose in your house, papa bear is fond of photography. Then you kid will either be fond of being photographed (you mean like a model?), yes. Or he could try his hands on photography, just like his pops. See, this is how parenting works. So for igniting his mind with curiosity, make a wise choice.

Darling Toys Sensor Control by Palm Batman Helicopter

batman helicopter

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Whenever we used to see our paper planes fly in the air, we used to get so happy, isn’t? In fact, kids are fond of flying things, more than us. Imagine how happy he will be when he will get to fly a Batman Helicopter on his own! Will he will then aim to be an air force officer or maybe a pilot. (Ha ha ha) Yes, kind of. But don’t worry about his career from now on. Let him enjoy his childhood.

Newray 1:12 Kawasaki KFX450R

kawasaki kfx450r

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Looks hot! Doesn’t it? Many kids let go of their old toys when they either get new ones. Or when they grow up. But we guess that he will never leave the side, of such dashing looking bike. He would either keep it as one of his collectibles or he would box it in some safe place. So let’s gift wrap this battery-operated die cast bike

City Road and Pavement Making Kit

city road builder

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This is quite an interesting toy set. Here, your kid can make roads and pavements on which he can keep his miniature toys. Don’t buy this to check if he will be interested civil engineering or architecture. Buy this to develop his brain, to make him learn about organizing things, to let him have fun.

Funskool Game of Life Board Game

game of life

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If he is not interested in joining abacus class for summers, with this Game at least, he can make his brain exercise. ‘Game of Life’ is one of the fun games, suitable for every age. He can play this with his friends, siblings and even you could join him. It’s a ‘Strategy’ genre Game. This means your child will use his brain for decision-making along with others. See, if he can win with a largest stash of cash on his hand.

With video games and mobile apps, he cannot develop his creativity, intellect and emotional understanding. Hence in a kid’s birthday you should give him Educational Toys as a gift, because only such toys will make him use both sides of his brain.

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