Birthday Gifts under Rs. 500 for 5 years old

5 Years old Love These Birthday Gifts

Buying Gifts for a kid’s birthday is not less a challenge, especially when it comes to 5 Years Old. As you know these little troubles like almost everything in the store, but what are those things which they would Love to possess. Your question will be answered right here! Here, are some presents you could buy Online to make them jump with happiness.

Top 11 Birthday Gifts for Children

Froggy Fractions Educational Math Card Game

Math Cards

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The Brain needs exercise too, doesn’t it? And this card game would serve the purpose. The need of physical exercise gets fulfilled when they like a frog, leap here and there, in and outside the house. But there’s no mental exercise hidden in television sets, mobile phones, and video games. If you want to keep them busy productively, this could be the right choice for Rs. [See Here]

Majorette Full Function R/C Car

RC Car

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Vroom, Vroom…! Would be his first word soon as he would get his tiny hands on this little Car. This is a kind of gift that, the time he would get hold of it, from that moment itself he would start playing with his new beloved. This fully functional car is for Rs. [Click to see]
[Its current price is Rs. 589 and we are dealing with Gifts under Rs.500]

Levi School Lunch Box

lavi school lunch box

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Kids love taking new bags, new sippers, new pencil boxes and indeed new lunch boxes to take to school. This is a gift which not only the kid but also his mother would love. Carefully selected design for kids. 1400ml capacity. Beautiful design and most importantly keeps the food warm and away from bacteria. Make them cherish their lunch time for Rs. [Click to see]

Fisher Price Chatter Telephone

telephone toy

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Do you know the Baby Mobiles, which are usually hanged above baby’s crib act as a vision stimulant for infants? The process of stimulation in kids must keep developing, for this, we have found out this cute-looking Telephone. Why buy this, you will know soon as you read its product description [Click to Read]

Gift World Fruit Cutting Play Toy Set

Cutting Pad Toy

Telephone Toy

Kids always do, what they are not asked to. Seeing their Mom’s chopping in the kitchen, their drive to hold knife also get arises. We are sure they would be curious to know how the fruits they cut tastes like when their Mommies would serve them the same. This Fruit Set is no regular playing set. You can gift wrap this for Rs. [Click Here]

Little Knick Knacks Naughty Dancing Robot

naughty dancing robot

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You remember Disney’s Wall-E, how it captured hearts of everyone, especially kids. Whoever says Robots are a gift of past show this to them. Even they would want one for their room. This super cute Robot can be bought for Rs. [Click Here].

Starwalk Dog Plush

StarWalk Dog Plush

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If Dogs are man’s best friend, then puppies are kids’ best friend. This says it all, get this Puppy named Dog, for Rs. [See Here].

Monkeys Fraction Educational Gift Math Card Game

Monkey Math Card Game

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Hold on a second, can you see the abbreviation of ‘IIT’ on the box? We don’t think we need to say any further. A math whiz has always been called a genius, and this game would be their first step towards becoming one. This can be bought for Rs. [Click to see]

Addition Subtraction Math Game Cloud Hopper: Board Game

Cloud Hopper Math Game

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We want you to, solve this equation within 3 minutes, without using a calculator, pen, and paper. 34 +43+67+2+43-20=? Many of us are poor in maths; blame it to those gifts which you received when you were young. Do you want this tiny Soul, to suffer too, the way you did? Your bank account would get subtracted by Rs.[Click Here].

Wooden Finger Puppets

Wooden Finger Puppet

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Let their creativity run wild! Usually, people prefer giving Coloring Sets and Books to boost a kid’s creativity. But your creative choice of gift could make them a really good storyteller, a writer, a poet or any creative persona! This one is for Rs. [Click to See].

BBS Multicolor Kids Laptop

Kids Laptop

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Learning becomes a lot more fun for kids, some scribble on the pages of their Learning books, while some tear them up for making paper boats. But no kid could dare to spoil his/her Learning Laptop. This can be bought at a price of Rs. [Press to See]

Mitashi Bang Electra Pigeon Gun

Pigeon Gun

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This Gun could be loaded with Foam Bullets and Suction Darts. This could be a good gift for improving their shooting skills or should we say focusing skills. Dart Boards are hung at one place but a gun can be carried at every place. So, don’t even think of gifting them a Dart Board Set, you can buy this for Rs. [Click to See].

All of the learnings and teachings is a good time to start at the Age of 5. This section has been full of birthday gifts which would not only keep them entertained but also educated. So with this new year of their life, let’s give them something skill-building presents which would help them in coming years.

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