Coolest Mobile Holder You Can’t Resist Buying

Awesome Mobile Holders to Buy Online in India

These days you can see simplest thing made so attractive and usable that you end up buying even when you didn’t intend to. One of such things is Mobile Accessories. Today we are going to see some awesome Mobile Holders you can buy online in India which will make you say “That’s so cool”
Ladies, Don’t miss the last one.

Funny and Interesting Mobile Phone Holders/Stands in India

1. Lazy Mobile Holder AKA Snake!

lazy snake holder

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Yes This snake looking holder is for lazy or you can say too busy to hold the phone people. This can be mounted on desk, bed, car, chair etc. Now watching movies/videos is going to be so awesome.

2. High Heel Mobile Holder

high heels stand

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Classy looking high heels will not only hold your mobile but your laptop (With one more pair), your spoon etc too. Arent they hot

3. Heartly Mount Cradle Thumb

heartly holder hands

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Hands to hold your phone with love and care. They hold it vertical horizontal however you want. Make your phone feel loved and cared.

4. Stainless Steel Chair

stainless stell holder

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Your mobile is as tired as you are, it needs to relax. Show how much you care about it. A stainless steel relaxing chair.

5. iStand mobile phone holder

bling istand holder

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Mainly made for iPhone holding but you can use these adorable mobile holders to hold any mobile with smooth back. The holder can be held in hand for extra grip and comfortable use of mobile.

6. Touch-U Silicon Bands

one touch supers slim mobile holders

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If you want to carry your mobile phone holder with you in smallest part of your pocket then this is for you. It holds phone in one touch and when straightened, can be carried in bag/pocket.

7. Beautiful Mobile Rings

This is a type of holder which are made of metal. They rotate 360 degree. They are not only used as stand but to hold your phone in your hand while the ring is on your finger so you wont drop the phone ever again. The ring can be rotated 360 degrees hence you an hold your phone in any direction very easily. It can be a beautiful and useful gift for ladies. If you see the ring carefully there is a Robust Friction Hinge which Supports the handset in Landscape And Portrait position very firmly.

Designer Golden Metal Ring

mobile stand ring

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White Cat

mobile stand ring kitty

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Hello Kitty Baby Pink

mobile stand ring stones kitty

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These awesome mobile holders can be used as small nice usable gifts for your friends.

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