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Fancy Dress Ideas for Baby Girls and Baby Boys

Wondering What to make your Baby Wear, in this year’s Fancy Dress Parties and Competitions. We know by now, you must have put on your Creative Hat to find an adorable Dress for your Precious. So to help you in making your Cute Baby look cuter, we suggest you to Dress him up in an Animal Costume for Babies.
Because History is a proof of this fact that, be it Cubs, Puppies, Kittens, Ponies and all the younglings of various animals and birds. People unconsciously blurt ‘Aww’ seeing their little paws, innocent eyes and small face.

Best Animal Baby Costumes You Can Buy Online in India

To start with, let’s first see the National Animal of India. Below is the Tiger Costume for Babies named:

Baby Tiger Tot Costume


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One of the reasons behind
choosing Tiger as the country’s National Animal is that this beautifully striped animal is symbolic of intelligence and strength. If you want your little Tiger or Tigress to dress in this Baby Tiger Tot Costume, you can buy the same for Rs. Click Here.

Li’l Lion Costume


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…“Rawr!” groaned the Lion and everyone in the Jungle kept quite. Now you have your answer for selecting this Lion Bodysuit. You can buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Li’l Elephant Baby Costume


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Neither a Tiger nor a Lion tries to mess up with this Giant. Tell us if you have seen any of these Big Cats near and around an Elephant. To know more about this Li’l Baby Elephant Character Costume, Click Here.

Pink Baby Elephant Costume


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Like we said, this is a List of Animal Costumes for both Baby Girls and Baby Boys. We DON’T think Pink is for Girls only, but your little Princess’s rosy cheeks would complement the Pink color of this Costume. You can buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby’s Li’l Monkey Costume


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Every parent tell their Kid that, “Stop jumping on the couch, like a Monkey!” Monkeys have always fascinated Kids. Now give us one good reason why your little one won’t like dressing up, into a chirpy Monkey. You can Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Bunny White Costume


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Mr. White Rabbit was the one who brought Alice inside the Wonderland for the first time. If you’d remember, it was his white fur which caught Alice’s eyes. Your Baby if dressed in this Alice in Wonderland inspired Bunny Bodysuit, would catch eyes of everyone as this isn’t a regular Bunny, Honey. Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Girl’s Huggable Hippo


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We can face read the Baby’s face in the picture above it says, “Call me a Hippo, I won’t mind, as I look cute and I know this.” Make your Baby wear this Purple-Pink Hippo Costume for Rs. Click Here.

Baby’s Precious Peacock Costume


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Everyone desires to see me dance in the rain, everyone loves my feather design, and everyone writes my name as an answer for the National Bird of India. Guess who I am? You can buy this Peacock Bodysuit for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Bat Costume


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If you want to see your Brat, sucking the cuteness of other Babies around him, make him wear this Bat Bodysuit. You can buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Tiny Baby Turtle Costume


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Turtle or Tortoise, can you tell? I can defeat every agile Bunny until I get 100 years old! Story-tellers think me to be a Turtle but I am actually a Tortoise! Fact: Tortoises dwell on land while Turtles live in Water.
Still, you can Buy this Turtle Bodysuit for Rs. Click Here.

Oatmeal Bear Costume


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Even before reading about Polar Bear, Black Bear, and Grizzly Bear etc. The first kind of Bear every kid learns about is everyone’s favorite ‘Teddy Bear’. Make him look at the mirror and he will never take off this dress! You can Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Dragon Costume


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For a change, we have also curated Animals from Kid’s Fantasy World. Like this Dragon Baby Suit. In the legends of Costume Parties or Competitions, this legendary Animal get-up can lit up every ramp. Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Little Monster Costume


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One secret of every caring Parent is that their milk-toothed child seems no less than a Monster to them when he becomes a Troublemaker. Give her/him this Monster look and get ready to click some killer photos. Shop this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Boy Viking Costume


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Historically, Vikings were strong-built seafaring warriors, but in past years these chubby strong-built men have been designed so adorably especially the one, in Asterix. That every person finds every Viking as sweet as Obelix. Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Baby Business Suit Costume


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Fancy Dress isn’t about looking funny all the time. Your Baby has got the charm to look charming even in a serious-looking yet well-groomed Business Suit! Leave a mark with this Business Suit Costume and let him do his Baby Business. Buy this for Rs. Click Here.
With such Fancy Dress, Baby Animal Costume Designs even uniforms of Astronauts and Policemen, frocks of Fairies and Princess would look faded in front of these Animals Dresses from Online Jungle of India.

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