Funky Ice Trays to Ramp Up Your Ice Cubes

Creative Ice Cube Moulds for Parties

There’s nothing more refreshing than a comfort beverage on the rocks during the summer. To attain this very level of relaxation the most important ingredient is the ice cubes. Throughout the summer or while hosting parties keeping tabs on the state of these cubes becomes a priority in the kitchen. But as much as adding an ice cube pleases the palate, making the ice in different shapes and patterns using ice cube moulds can be a delightful visual as well. To help you spice up your next party, we have picked out a few funky ice trays for you.

Unusual Ice Trays to Buy Online for Funkier Drinks

1. Silicone Skull Ice Tray Mould

This Halloween-themed ice tray mould makes skull shaped ice. The black Silicone tray is high-quality FDA approved and BPA free. It has four designs which be used to make skull-shaped ice, jelly, and chocolate. The Silicone Skull Ice Tray is easy to clean as well. It would certainly cause an uproar at any party.

2. Ice Cups Mould

Instead of serving a beverage with ice cubes in a cup why not serve it in the ice itself? This can be done using the Ice Cups Mould. This mould will make little cold ice cup for you. All you have to do is put water in them. Given they are already made of ice, they will keep the beverage cool. The cups made using this mould will certainly be eye-catching.

3. Connectwide Ice Ball Maker

Add little globes to your sherbet to keep it cool. You can also use this tray to make lollies. It is made up of high-quality non-toxic silicon. It is also easy to wash and store. The Connectwide ice ball maker makes little ice balls which look like the moon itself has been placed in your glass.

4. Matchstix Star Wars Ice Tray

Bring the Empire in your drink with the Matchstick Star Wars-themed ice tray. Darth Wader, the Death Star, R2D2, you name it and this mould has it. You can make ice, jelly, candy, chocolate, etc. using this high-quality silicone mould. You should definitely own it if you are a fan of the mega-popular movie franchise. The force is certainly cold and strong with this one!

5. Honeycomb Mould

We saved the best for the last. This honeycomb-shaped mould is made up of eco-friendly silicone mould can make 37 bite-sized ice cubes or treats at once. It can be used to make ice creams, lollies, jellies, chocolates as well. It will give you quality as well as quantity. The hexagon-shaped ice or treats will be attractive and abundant. The Generic Purple Honeycomb mould will certainly save you the effort put into making sure there’s enough ice for everyone.

Something as minor as an ice cube can really bring out the appeal of even the simplest of the beverages. Moreover, these silicone moulds are built to last longer than the plastic ones in most of our freezers. Thus, investing in one such funky ice cube tray will certainly be the cooler choice.

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