Funny and Romantic Pillow Covers for Couples

Interesting Pillow Covers to buy online in India for Couples

These top 10 Selected Pillowcases are not only for newly wed couples. In fact to bring back the romantic days back and to add on some humor to your married life, these pillow covers can be a very good idea for a casual gift to your spouse.

Top 10 Pillow Covers for Couples

1. Mr Right Mrs Always Right

Yes the first one must be the most popular. Its most liked funny message on pillow covers in India.
Because its 100% true for a happy married life you have to agree who is right and who is always right. Right?

2. Queen and King

She is Queen of Everything and He is King of Whatever Left. The left is her heart which is definitely much more than everything else.

3. Wifey and Hubby

Simple yet so adorable

4. Hearty

Keep the pillows attached to keep the heart unbroken.

5. Soul Mates

Mickey and Minnie are loved by everyone be it kids or adults. These sweet pillow covers are for soul mates like them.

6. Who is The Better Half?

If they say Woman is a better half of her husband then definitely the other half is husband only. Correct?

7. She Stole My Heart…

Beautiful pink hearts with lovely quotes.

8. To Infinity and Beyond


9. Love You (and Love you More)

If it’s a married couple they are not going to agree with each other so easily even be it love for each other.

10. We Are So Good Together

To Remind you every night you are so good together!

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