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Funny Gifting Ideas for Her

Gift your Indian Beauty, some of these Best Online Gifts for Women in India. Best Gifts for the Best Woman of your life. Though you can’t answer her tricky “How much do you love me?” questions in words but with these Gifts for Her, your Wife/ Girlfriend will get her answer.

Quirky Gifts You can Buy Online in India for Women

Cupcake Shower Cap


By At

You might not accompany her every time she goes for a shower. But your Cupcake Shower Cap, definitely will!
Buy this only for Rs. 446.

How to be a Good Wife


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If you have a Wife, be ready to get a little thump on your shoulder by this book.
If you have a Girlfriend, her scream may turn you deaf. You will get hurt, either way.
Buy this for Rs 446 only.

Yoga Cats

yoga cat

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Imagine your Women, in this ‘meow’ position. Well, if you want you can turn this into reality. Buy this only for
Rs. 447.

Queen of the Shower Cap
Tell your Queen indirectly, that even in the Kingdom of Shower you are ruled by her. Get this at Rs. 447 only.

Pug Nail Dryer


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Say it to her that, “I will always be loyal to you, like a dog”. Give this little pug and get a big tight hug. Shop this for Rs. 627.

Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet Slippers


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In the silence of every night, even these owl will forget to hoot hearing yours and hers hooting. Get these at Rs.1258.

Chocolate Pizza-Crunchy Munchy-7”


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Give her this Chocolate Pizza and see it for yourself how she ‘Mmmm….’ This is also a nice way to say “You Are NOT Fat My Love!”
Buy this for Rs. 1077.

Jelly Shots Mould


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In your Couple Games Night, play a Jelly Shots Mould game and fool her with your own notorious rules..

Foot Kandy Ladies Socks


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She won’t mind looking funny, as it will be from you. But be aware of your laugh, when you see her wearing it..

Boyfriend Pillow Pink
If she is dying to see you in pink, hand her these. And save yourself from wearing that color! This is your life saver.

Anjalis Coffee Mug with Funny Quotes


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If you can romanticize her with wine at night, you could do the same with her morning coffee. Make her smile with every sip..

Ceramic Cookies Mug with Biscuit Holder


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When she is mad at you, make her a cup of coffee and say “Drink my brain!” Don’t forget the cookies, though or else she would get offended.

Camera Lens Coffee Flask and Biscuit Holder


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With every sip of coffee, she will devise her poses for those annoying ‘Couple Photoshoots’. Get ready to smile a zillion times until she gets her picture perfect. Buy this at your own risk.

HungOver Funny Quotes Poster for Home and Office


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This could be your self-declaration to imply her that, “Mery jaisa tuje koi nai mileyga”.

Haynes-Women’s Home DIY


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With this Book, she won’t book your weekends for those ‘give time to home’ works..

Coffee Mug with 2 Carat Diamond Ring-Like Cup Holder


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With this Coffee Mug, she won’t ever complain about you, being ‘Unromantic’. Women! Stay in her ‘Romantic’ category every day, with every cup of coffee..

Store Indya Handmade Wooden Nose Shape Spectacle Holder/Stand


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With a Gift Note, you can make even an ‘unromantic’ gift, ‘romantic’. Don’t forget to write, “You look even more beautiful without specs.”Be miser(ably) romantic.

Ceramic Coffee Sayings


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Leave her speechless! Gift her this Coffee Mug and she won’t bother you the next time for those ritualistic, weekend Coffee Dates. .

Mr. & Mrs. Right Couples Ceramic Printed Coffee Mugs


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This could be a good investment for, not wearing those silly looking Couple Tee-Shirts. Guys, do some mature PDA’s and let this Couple print stay within the walls of your home.

Zombie Sleep Mask


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If your ‘A Rose and a Chocolate Box’ woman accepts this without beating you, until you become zombie-like dead. Your love’s truly unconditional! Buy this at your own risk.

Become the Best Husband/ Boyfriend by buying these Online Gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Gift Ideas for Women in India is no more a rocket science. Proven.

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