Gifts for Him: Unique, Useful and Interesting

Unique Gifts for Men in India: Online Shopping

Do you really believe that How To Understand a Woman is the only never-ending book? Whoa! If you believe so then I guess you haven’t tried buying a gift for a man so far.
Be it a boyfriend, fiancé, brother, husband, dad or grandpa – all the Indian men are never sure about what they really want. Sometimes a simple sports cap can make them happy while sometimes even a classy suit won’t get any reaction (not even a grin). Well, after decoding a small part of the science behind buying gifts for men, I have come up with this wonderful list of gifts for him India.

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Working Professional, Busy Husband

When your busy hubby returns home after a drudging day, he seeks some quality time and complete tranquillity. Well, you can help him achieve that with these amazing gifts.

Wireless Headset

The wireless headsets are a great pick for your busy husbands. Your man can take calls, listen to his favorite tracks while sitting, walking or lying on the bed. No need to deal with the cord hassles! Keeps the mobile radiations away from body and also very useful for people who need to talk on phone for long time or frequently. This is one of the best gifts for boyfriends also.

Portable Projector

After a sweet talk and a delectable dinner, your man may love to watch some romantic or comedy flicks in the drawing room and the portable projectors make it possible. Take your mini projector wherever you go and watch your favorite movies anywhere.

Phone Holder for Car

Well, busy men are always stuck with their smartphones. So many calls to receive and so many things to deal with! You can gift a phone holder for car to your husband to make his life and simpler.

Stress Funny Face Ball

It’s really stressful to work on a computer for hours. A stress ball is very useful in calming a stressed person. This is one of popular corporate gifts in UK. A stress reliever fun face ball to diverts one’s mind for a couple of minutes.

Desktop Speed Ball

The anger level goes super high when a project comes again and again for modification. A desktop punching speed ball can calm your husband down in such situations. They are really flexible and functional.

Eye Massager

Have your man seen too many angry faces or too many boring files in the office? Help him relax his eyes with eye massager. It’s good for the optical health and stress-relieving.

Credit Card Pen Drive

It’s obvious that your husband is addicted to his credit card as too many transactions are needed in a day only while being in a corporate sector. Gift him a credit card shaped pen drive so that the sight remains familiar and data transfers become fun.
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Fitness Enthusiast Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend think of his dumbbells, treadmill or exercise bike as often he thinks of his instagram or snapchat profiles? It’s time to gift him some fitness products.

Portable Mini Pedal Stepper with Display

Your boyfriend may shake his legs in an annoying way while dancing but it’s your responsibility to keep his legs, hips, back and ankles healthy by gifting him the mini pedal stepper. The display attached to the product tracks his calories, strides and his performance.

Thumb Hole T-Shirt

What your man wears impacts his workout performance. The full-sleeve thumb hole t-shirt gives your man a unique look in the gym. The breathable cotton fabric of the tee is good for his blood circulation.

Fitness Tracker

Are you worried that where your special someone goes after his office? Well, track his activities along with his health with the stylish fitness tracker. This gives you the complete report of his calories burnt throughout the day and the status of his sleep and nutrition.

Romantic Gifts for Men

Nothing is more tempting than a romantic man! If you believe so then it’s time to appreciate him with these awesome gifts.

Couple Spa Coupons

Spa is a place where you find the true calmness and relaxation. Imagine the same for the two! You can join your partner in the couple spa or create a spa-like aura at home for both of you to perk up the romance.

Explosion Photo Box

Want to give your explosive love a new edge? Well, explosive boxes can assure you that. It’s full of surprises, naughtiness and sweetness that can keep a romance alive for many years. You can also share your feelings written in some crafted and customized cards inside the box.

LED Message Board With Alarm and USB Hubs

If you want to share your lovely messages in an innovative way, try this multifaceted LED message board with USB hubs. This very innovative and functional LED board with alarm clock can help your man read your heartfelt glowing messages on the screen and wake up early in the morning as well.

Couple’s Pillow Sheet

You can spice up your mundane romantic scene with couple’s pillow sheets. If the whole day has been spent in a romantic way then why not the sleeping time? The lovebird pillow sheets bring you both together and initiate some really sugarcoated talks in the night.
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Unusual and Useful gift for Husband

Bose Headset

Give your man his customized musical space which is miles away from the noise and stress with Bose Headset. It’s good for quality video chats as well. You can listen to your favorite person’s adorable voice seamlessly even after being miles away from him.

Amazon Kindle

The eye-catching success of Amazon Kindle has many bibliophile boyfriends and husbands behind. There is no dearth of ardent male readers in India and Kindle makes reading fun and convenient. Your man can take thousands of books in the soft copy format with him anywhere he goes.

Travel Grooming Kit for Men

Men without grooming sound like a weird dream. Professional men have to look presentable even when they are on a tour. The travel grooming kit has all the essential grooming accessories in a stylish and functional kit.

Funny and Weird Gifts for Men

Gaming Coffee Mug

A lot of good things can happen over a cup of coffee. Add romantic flavor to your coffee time bringing home the unique coffee mugs. If your man can’t live without gaming (make sure you are his first priority) then this innovative gaming coffee mug can keep him happy for hours.

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Funky Beer Mug

A mug filled with beer can change the mood. This amazing desi theme beer mug can make your man’s international beer taste great like never before. Well, men who are Desi by heart will surely fall for it.
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It’s difficult to impress men but not impossible. These creative and wonderful gifts for men ideas embellish his everyday chore and make a special corner in his heart for you. So, go ahead with these innovative and unusual shopping ideas and make your man say WOW.

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