How to Turn Your Small Balcony into a Garden?

Tips on Turning Balcony in a Garden and Best of Garden Supplies Online

There’s nothing more alluring and serene than sipping chai in solitude on your own balcony. A balcony is a safe haven within the safe haven of our home. A place of contemplation and chatter, it provides a getaway from the daily grind. Especially for the ones living in busy crowded cities. Therefore, upkeep of this sacred corner is necessary. You can customize this space according to your needs. You can transform your balcony into a little garden and add greenery to deepen our mindfulness. To enable you on this task, we have prepared a guide for you to turn our small balcony into a little garden.

Tips on How You can Convert Balcony into a Small Garden

Walk on the Green to Feel Serene

Lawns tingle your bare feet and walking on them is always refreshing. However, taking care of a lawn is a daunting task. Thus, artificial lawns are the way to go. They require no water, are low maintenance (once a month cleaning), just as green and inviting as normal grass lawns, and feel the same too. Moreover, the can fit small space like that of a balcony and won’t extend beyond it.

Add Greenery to The Scenery

Any garden would be empty without ornate pots and plants. Small places like a balcony can still have greenery and be beautified with plants despite the confined space. The trick is to use stack pots like the Malhotra Stack-A-Pot shown below.

Such terracotta sets are perfect for planting little plants within little space. They are durable and as to maintain. The shrubs germinate and cover up the Stack-A-Pot and greenery overflows like a waterfall. You can plant basic spices and flowers plants in such sets and have two or more of these in your balcony with an artificial lawn for a base.

Hang Some Pots, to Have Green Spots

Along with the lawn and the plants, adding a few hanging pots will provide a frame to your beautiful garden. Hanging pots are easy to take care of. they look delicate and add to the decor of the garden. You can even customize the look of the pots according to your taste.

Decorate and Save Space with Racks Elaborate

A balcony garden offers limited space. You want to decorate it while making sure you don’t over stuff it. This is where garden racks like the one by Smart deal mentioned below help. They help accommodate more plants while occupying less space and look elegant. These racks are a must have for a balcony garden.

Eliminate the Boredom, Create a Splash in The Decorum

Just putting a few plants won’t turn a balcony into a garden. A touch of personalization gives the space a much deeper meaning and enhances its appeal to others as well. There are several items, other than plants, which you can use to decorate our balcony garden. For example, Waterdrop LED lights. These warm lights will help you navigate your garden late night as well as look like ornaments around our luscious greenery.

It is very important to have a corner of the house where one can unwind and escape to for a few moments. A balcony garden is an ideal for this purpose as it requires you to put in effort for creating your own sacred space. It adds an essential touch of nature to everyday life. Let us know how you would like to design your own balcony into a garden.

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