Indian Wedding Gifts under 1000Rs: Redefined Online

Gifting Ideas Under 1000 Rs for Indian Bride & Groom

Doesn’t matter whether you are from the Bride’s side or the Groom’s side, as you will be blessing both of them as a Couple. This is why we are bringing you some of the Unique Online Wedding Gifts, which the Newly Wedded Couple would Love.
Before proceeding further, promise us that you will ditch the Wedding Envelopes. So, keep your 1K and 1 rupee coin ready for these:

Unique and Fun Gifting Ideas for Couple Getting Married

Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tag (Personalised)


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If in ‘Handle with Love’ tag, we gave you a tag for their Honeymoon’s mutual bag. Here’s this Luggage Tag is for both of their individual bags. Why just humans marry, let their Travel Bags also get hitched! You can personalize this under 1K only for Rs.Click Here.

Mr. & Mrs. Rustic Wooden Shabby Ring Box


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In comparison to Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings are usually all blingy and shiny, they are such rings which we can’t wear daily due to our daily chores. Especially the rings with gemstones, don’t you think Wedding Rings don’t deserve to be placed in ‘just another’ ring box. This is why we have added this. You will have to pay Rs.Click To See.

Vogue Kaushalam Tea Cups


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This is a six Tea Cup Set. If you want the Couple to flaunt their (we mean yours) aesthetic taste, in front of the guests visiting them, then this is not a bad choice to go for. This useful Set, can be bought for Rs. See Here.

Mother-In-Law Dice

Mother In Law Dice

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This could be the ultimate ‘Decision-Maker’ of each of their weekends. Quite a funny Product Description can be read about the Mother-in-law Dice, in the site. After reading it, you will know the reason behind the invention of this Gift. This can be played for Rs. Click Here.

We Need to talk


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This is a fun-filled game which the Couple would play, time and again. It’s as addictive as Snakes and Ladders. Secret: There’s also a number on the board which says, “Do whatever your Partner asks you to do.” We are sure even you will get one of these sets for yourself and your Better-Half. In case nobody gifts it to you on your Wedding. You can buy this for Rs.Click to See.

Beware of the Wife Doormat


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Let the house of the New Couple, declare that there’s a ‘Wife’ inside. If your Friend is a Bride, she would kill you certainly. On the contrary, if you are from the Groom’s side, it will be a good way to say ‘Hi’ to her. Get your name etched on her Brain, as she won’t forget you easily. You should be(aware) of its price too, it will cost you Rs. Click Here.

Handle with Love Luggage Tag


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Which Newly Wedded Couple, don’t go on Honeymoons? Everyone does and this Gift is more like a Honeymoon Gift from the Wedding. In Honeymoon, there’s a bag of the Wife, there’s a bag of the Hubby and lastly, there is this one bag, which is stuffed with both of their stuff. This one is for that bag. Don’t forget to write in the Gift Note, “A Honeymoon Gift for you and your ‘Vo’ ”. Get this for Rs. Click to See.

4Play Game


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If both the Bride and Groom have taken their Wedding Vows, we have also taken a vow to entertain their cozy nights, boring evenings and even their lazy mornings! You will have to pay Rs. Click to See.

The Morning Glory Glass Tumbler


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If we can get naughty with the Gifts, then we can turn classy too. One fine example of it is these Glass Tumblers for two. A wedding of two, a gift for two; you can steal this very line and write it on your Gift-Card, we won’t mind. The fun part is, such an elegant Gift’s Price is under 1K only, can you guess it. It is for Rs. Guess and Click.

Great Indian Wedding Fridge Magnet


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This is indeed the cutest Gift you can give to your Married Friend. We think that this Fridge Magnet would surpass even the Wedding Photos, which Couples usually see to recall ‘their Day’. This one is just for Rs. Click to See.

Chai Kettle


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Hand-painted Chai Kettles Under 1K was hard to find, until now. As we are listing Indian Wedding Gifts, so we thought why not to list an India-Style Kettle. Instead of going with those delicate Ceramic Tea Sets. You can Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Kullad Set

kullad set

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Getting confused, isn’t it? Whether to give Kullad or the Tea Cup Set in the Gift, well that’s totally your call. We can say, these drink wares sets are at least better than the traditional dining sets. You can Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Intimate Card Game


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Any of these could card could be your Friend’s Trump Card. The Newly Weds are thrilled by the mere thought of spending their lives together. So, why don’t you Gift something, which could make their Married Life more Thrilling! This one is for Rs. Zero. Nah, Just kidding.

Sweetheart Tealight Holder


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We have included this in our list, not because of the hearts at its roof. Gone are the days of Candle Light Dinners, as now for getting romantic this could be used for what is done in the ‘dark’. Even an unromantic person would look romantic if he/she would light it up. Gift wrap this for Rs. Click Here.

Two Lovely White Satin Pillows

Get all lovey-dovey with this Hubby-Wifey Pillows. Your Friend could either place it on their bed or keep it on their snuggly little couch. This is clearly a room décor, which would speak of your marriage cuddly. You can Buy this for Rs. See Here.

Multicolor Photo Album

photo album

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A special Photo Album, for photos of a Day, called to be ‘special’. Since the New Couple will have many Wedding Photos to take care of; for this they would definitely need a Photo Album. From Pre-Wedding Photos to Honeymoon Photos, they will need space to keep! Get this Handcrafted Photo Album for Rs. This-this.

Shrimaan-Shrimati Paired Mug


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Drinking from a Mug of your own is also one of the best feelings. They both must be having their own Mugs from their Bachelorhood. Well, somebody’s gotta tell them the commencement of their Marriage-hood. Gift this for Rs. Click to See.

Sweet Couple Toothbrush Holder


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This Gift has reminded us of DNCE’s ‘Toothbrush’ song. “Baby you don’t have to rush, you can keep your toothbrush, at my place.” This was more like a song for girlfriends, as by ‘rush’ the Singer meant you don’t have to go back Home so soon. Since our Wifey is not going anywhere, so why not give a Couple Toothbrush Holders to the Newly Weds. You may wanna Gift it with other Gifts, as it’s for Rs.Only.

Metal Couple Keychain


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One single ‘ring’ could change your life, this has clearly been depicted in this Keyring for Couples. A thoughtful Wedding Gift it would be for them. You can Buy this for Rs. Click Here.

Mr. and Mrs. Pillow Cover


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Marriages mark the beginning of new phase of life; with it there also occur the entry of a Wife. Color White is said to go well with colors of all kinds. Similarly, this Pillowcase would also go well with bed sheets of all colors. For this, you will have to spend Rs. Click Here.

If your Friend ready to be wed, is getting Wedding Jitters. You on the other side must be getting ‘Wedding Confusions’. Undoubtedly, your first big confusion must be about Dresses to wear at your Friend’s, Wedding Ceremonies. And the next big confusion of yours must be about the Wedding Gifts. Well, we have now solved that Online. Good Luck with your Dress, though.


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