Inexpensive Home Decor ideas for Indian Homes

How to Decorate your Home without Spending much?

After a tiring day at home, the sole object tethering us to keep moving is the comfort offered by our home. The comfort of a home cannot be replicated by any other house or hotel room. Our homes, no matter how big or small, are our sanctuary. Every home has energy, a vibe or a feeling about it. You can sense it or feel it whenever you step into yours or someone else’s home. Keeping this vibe positive, motivational, pleasant and happy is why interior design is crucial. The articles we put into our immediate vicinity dictate our consciousness. However, not all of us can afford professional interior designers to decorate our homes. Thus, we take the task upon ourselves. To make this endeavor easier, we have a few inexpensive decor ideas ideal for Indian homes.

Inexpensive Ways for Home Décor

Put Some Plants Indoor, to Greenify Your Life a Little More

Indoor plants add natural beauty to the interior of a room. Having a little green around makes you feel positive and at ease. Also, they have also become the need of the hour due to the increasing levels of pollution we combat every day. Certain indoor plants are known to purify the air. Moreover, not all indoor plants take up a lot of space or require much upkeep. They are perfect to occupy window sills, corners of tables or corner of a room. For example, the Exotic Green plant shown in the image.

Add Some Light, to Delight The Sight

Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to the interior decoration of a room. It sets the tone for the room. No one wants to be in a dark or poorly lit room. At the same time, a room where the lights are too bright is also a no no. This is where lamps help. There is a horde of designs and patterns available when it comes to lamps. You can have them at your bedside or hang them from the ceiling to give your room a stylish look. decorative lamps add elegance to the decor even when aren’t switched on. An example would be the Kraftlnn Bamboo lam in the image. The beautiful lamp looks exquisite when on. It also looks like an intricate piece of handicraft work when not on. Instead of having bulbs, you can opt for such lamps as they add to the look of the room.

Give Your Flowers a Fancy Base, Pick Out a Funky Vase

Vases have always been a part of the decor of an Indian home – as a base for flowers, a pen holder or even one the half of the show case. You can paint or decorate one yourself. If not, you can buy a trendy vase like the VarEesha Handpainted Warli Red Earthen Vase. A vase might be a small item in the vastness of your home but it adds a spark of color. A simple vase with flowers still has the power to brighten up a rather dull day.

A Decal or Poster, to Give The Wall a Booster

A plain wall has become a thing of the past now. Having a color scheme and one wall of decorative pattern is the modern norm. Instead, a cheaper yet funkier or arty alternative would be to use a poster or a decal like the Krishna wall sticker shown in the image. They are easy to stick on and do not damage the wall. They also make the wall more elegant. You can go for a funk design option as well. The design can be reflective of our personality. This adds personalization as well as enhances the decor of your precious home.

Wind Chimes

Who doesn’t love the clang and tinkle of a wind chime? Wind chimes have always been the companion of a window. Over time, there are more patterns, types, and styles of wind chimes that become available. Like the Cosmo Spinner Wind Chime in the image. These wind chimes pleasure the eyes and the ears.
Items like a wind chime or a lamp might seem insignificant but play an integral part in the bigger picture. Such little items together form the decor of a room. Therefore, it is crucial to personalize them and pay attention to them. You don’t have to splurge on expensive paintings or show pieces to make your home interior more appealing. Little, inexpensive decor items like the one mentioned in this post do the same job without burning a hole in your pocket. Let us know if ou have an item to add to our list of inexpensive list of decor items for Indian homes.

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