Inexpensive Return Gifts for 5 Years Old Kids

15 Return Gift Ideas under Rs 100

A birthday bash doesn’t seem happening without laughing and yelling kids.
Growing children attending a birthday party always deserve a return gift that brings a big smile on their faces. A 5 years old kids visiting your place on a birthday bash is on his/her way to schooling and growing and traditional gift ideas may not fascinate them anymore. If you try making your personal choice fit the bill, the kid may see you with a weird and disappointed look. Well, sometimes they really do! Here are few innovative and inexpensive return gift items for kids that you can easily bag sparing around 100 bucks.

Inexpensive Return Gifts Online: 5 years old Boys and Girls

DIY New Style Creative Foam Beads Dough Art

diy-new-style-creative-foam-beads-dough-art-returngiftwala-99rs @99rs

This return gift is a great example of learning through fun activities. The beautifully wrapped gift box comprises of 8 vibrant colored foam beads play dough that are totally non-sticky. The gift ensures a fun time and safety for the child. The dough art gift has instructions on how to use it. They can simply push the beads in the acrylic sheet to create colorful transport arts.

Jumbo Elephant Push Hand Fan

jumbo-elephant-push-hand-fan-pink-by-returngiftwala-95rs @95rs

By gifting this item, you can make the cool little guests cooler. They are active and dynamic and they don’t want to stay at the same place all the time. Growing kids can take this Jumbo elephant push hand fan with them anywhere, anytime and experience a soothing surrounding. The Pink or Red color will suit the girls perfectly. Boys will love it as well.

Cartoon Hand Sanitizers Bottles

cartoon-ahandsantizers-returngiftwala-76rs @76Rs

These days children carry their own small hand sanitizers with them to school. The creatively crafted sanitizer bottles acquire cartoon arts on them and have a silicone string attached to them that makes them cool and travel-friendly. The return gift is suitable for kids of 5 years and above.
DIY Art set

diy-art-set-by-dholdhamaka-95rs @95Rs

According to Exquisite-Minds – “The point of creativity is the joy of the process rather than the product of discovery”. This DIY art set will surely help to put all of creativity and experience together to fill the beautiful drawings with lively colors. The stereotype burdens on the children for a glowing future somehow snatch the scope of creativity from them. This return gift can be a great treat for the kids visiting the birthday party who love colors and want to do experiments with artistic stuff.

Tic Tac Toe Game

tic-toe-game-by-dholdhamaka-125rs @ 125rs

Tic Tac Toe game is an old school but still a great entertainment and learning tool. This can be a good return gift option for the smart kids who like to indulge themselves in something more happening than no-brainer tasks.

Animal Pencil Holder

animal-design-pencil-holder-by-dholdhamaka-125rs @125rs

5 years old kids are usually fascinated towards cool animal pictures or shapes. When you think of gifting something useful and creative at the same time, animal pencil holders can be a suitable choice. School going children often require a holder to keep their pencils, markers and other stuff. The animal pencil holder will keep cheering them through the creative animal designs. It will beautifully decorate their study desk. The compact holder can be placed anywhere easily.

Butterfly Print Pink Kids Photo Frame

butterfly-print-pink-kids-photo-frame-dholdhamaka-99rs-min @99rs

Photo frames one of popular return gifts. Let them take a dive in the memories by seeing their photos in the creative frames. The pink photo frame will establish a compliance with the room interior. The photo frame has beautiful butterfly printing on it which adds to its grace.

Penguin Kids Photo Frame

penguin-kids-photo-frame-dholdhamaka-99rs @99rs

After seeing the movie Penguins of Madagascar. Nothing is as cute as a Penguin for 5 yrs old kids. This beautiful frame will surely fill them with joy. The colorful designs and characters on the frame embellish all types of photos that are kept inside the frame. Such frames are durable and portable.

Cars Fun Combo Pack

cars-fun-combo-pack-partyin-109rs @109Rs

The combo pack goody bag can be a suitable return gift option for the birthday party. The more the kids will explore the bag, the more surprises will pop up. The pack comprises of a car sticker, a creative mini fan and a colorful eye frame. From plaything to style – the goody bag has all the reasons to bring a smile on children’s faces.

Disney Lion King Activity Pad Combo Pack


ParytOn.In @105Rs

Kids and Love for Disney! What to say? This gift can completely jazz up the party time for girls and boys. They love to stay indulged in some fun activities during a trip. This goody bag can make a trip happening and offer them several options to spend some quality time.

Colorful and Printed LED Balloons For Party

colorful-and-led-balloons-100rs @100Rs

This is a very unique gift idea. Balloons in any party never go unnoticed. With least efforts, the LED balloons will glow for over 48 hours creating a colorful aura. These balloons are easy to use. Kids can simply pull the string attached to the LED balloon and let the balloon spread the colorful light. This is a great return gift option.

Faber Castell Ball Shaped Grab Crayons

faber-castell-ball-crayons-dhol-dhamaka-99rs @99rs

Science says that colors have a significant impact on a kid’s mood and mind. In one way or another, it nourishes the learning skills of and at the same time, coloring lets a kid relish a whale of a time. This Faber castell ball shaped crayons are eye-catching and encourage imagination and helps them fill the vibrant colors in a slew of shapes. Faber Castell is known for its high quality stationary so no need to worry about the quality. The cute ball shape will make kids love it.

Tattoo Gel Pen

tattoo-gel-pens-dholdhamaka-99rs @99rs

Tattoos are always enticing. Be it on the biceps of a stud or on the shoulders of a diva or on the cute and small hands; it always drives compliments. The tattoo gel pen can help them show their amazing drawing skills on the hands of their buddies joining the birthday bash.

Assorted Color Premium Glow Bracelets

glow-bracelets-bands-dholdhamaka-125rs @125rs

Kids also love to flaunt their apparel and accessories in the events that are specially organized for them. The color premium glow bracelets can offer a style statement and make them look smart life never before. The product can be gifted to the guests in interior or outdoor events.

3 in 1 Minion Electronic Eraser|Fan|Duster

3-in-1-minion-electronic-eraser-fan-duster-returngiftwala-110rs @110rs

Kids just love minions. Well, everyone does. This product can be a complete fun package. The battery operated product can be used as a fan, an eraser and a duster. A great gift for fun and learning purpose!

Moustache MultiUtility Wallet

moustache-multiutility-wallets-return-giftwala-80rs @80rs

It’s always a rocket science to single out a return gift for as the gift may or may not suit their personality and interest. And, the rising price of various gift items nowadays also becomes an important factor to mull over. These gift options around 100Rs are suitable for the kids around 5 years old with different personalities and interests and these don’t cost an arm and a leg as well.

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