Interesting Baby Gadgets to Make Indian Moms’ Lives Easier

Most Recommended Baby Products for Indian Parents

New Indian moms are very cautious about their choices they make their babies. You want everything best for your baby. Raising a baby is not a simple task. You need a lot of help from your family, friends and people around. Not only human beings but some baby care items are new mom’s helpers too. In recent years there is tremendous development in baby care products. Today we have brought to you an amazing list of such super cool gadgets which will make your life easier.

Interesting and Useful Gifts for a New Baby

Knee Pads

knee socks

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When Babies start to crawl, they are unstoppable. They will come crawling in kitchen, bathroom, everywhere. A baby’s knees are not strong enough to crawl on the hard marble flooring. The usual knee pads are thick and not comfortable for kids to bend the knee and move freely while crawling. These socks type knee protector are perfect and so cute! The ant slippery dots on the knee cover are soft and thin and will protect your kids knee from slipping and touching the hard floor.

No touch Thermometer

no touch thermometer

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When babies are sick or get temperature after vaccination, you will need to measure baby’s body temperature. Babies won’t let you touch and they are pretty cranky. In such times you will need a no touch thermometer. Take baby’s body temperature without touching the baby. Not even the forehead.
You can use same device to measure the temperature of water in baby’s bath tub, milk bottle, food etc.


chicco humidifier

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A humidifier in baby’s room will keep baby away from cold and cough. Humidifiers can be used to cure cold by adding essential oils like Eucalyptus oil to the water. Also humidification is good for baby’s skin

Nasobuddy Baby Nasal Aspirator

nasal aspirator

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Most of babies catch cold especially during change in weather they cannot clear the congestion in nose. The mother can use this device to clean baby’s nose. It is one of recommended-to-keep for new parents.

Mosquito Net

mosquito net

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This is like a blessing for Indian mothers. A new mother cannot breastfeed her baby easily when only baby is put inside the net. This mosquito net is very easy to put on the bed. It can be folded easily and takes no space in your room. You can take it with you when you travel. Be is a relatives place or a hotel.

Portable Feeding Seat

feeding chair fisher price

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This feeding seat from fisher price can be used on floor, on chair and you can easily take it with you even in restaurants etc.
The chair has a feeding tray which is easy to keep the food to train your baby eat with her own hands. The material is very high quality and surface is smooth. Most importantly its easily washable. Its not like a high chair which will take a lot of space in your house.
This is one of most recommended for Indian Parents considering the lifestyle and home designs. Many Indians like to feed baby while seating on floor.

Puj Flyte Compact Bath Sheet

puj flyte compact bath

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In Indian traditional way, babies are given bath on laps but its not good for your knees as pressure is put on your knees and also not safe for baby. Turning baby is very risky in wet bathroom. This sheet can be placed in a wash basin and you can bath your baby while standing. Your full control is possible during baby bath time. You can take it with you on travel, at stay over etc. Its foldable and take negligible space in your room or bag.

Flexy Bendable ball

flexible mesh ball

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This is not any usual toy. This toy keeps baby playing with it for long time. It helps in development of motor skills and also in brain development. The toy is made of high quality soft material absolutely safe for your baby. Now why is this in our list? This is a best keep in your baby bag for the times your baby might start crying and you need that very special toy to calm your baby down. It’s a special toy, must to keep in new moms bag.

Waterproof Crawl Mat for Baby

waterproof mat baby special

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Once baby starts to crawl, he is going to bring a lot of work for you. Baby will spill water, food etc. in his play area. This selected playmat is soft and colorful, easily washable and most importantly big enough to cover the baby’s play area. It can be folded and rolled to keep it in a corner of your room.
We have selected these items especially seeing the needs of a new Indian mom. The quality and price are also the factors we have taken care properly while making this list of most helpful things for a Indian Mother. Any of these items can be given as a good useful gift to a family of an young baby.

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