Keep Your Mind Relaxed with these 5 Stress Relievers

Best Stress Relieving Items to Brighten Up Your Mood

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Many companies present the stress relieving items like a stress ball or a massager to their employees. Why? Obviously they know their employees are under stress. Your work efficiency reduces if you are under stress. The changed lifestyle not only for the working professionals but also for the stay at home mothers, work at home mothers and students has brought a tremendous need of products which help in relieving stress.
If you are one of such often-stressed persons, then you can try exploring few anti-stress solutions that can engage you when you are stressed or angry or even ready for any red-hot response. There are lots of innovative items available in the market that focus on stress management. Indulging ourselves in some funny and creative activities helps us forget the reason that causes stress.
Here is the list of such amazing and innovative anti-stress products that you can welcome in your life to combat with your everyday stress and attain the peace your deserve.
These items are handy and perfect to keep you relaxed all the time.

Top 5 Anti-stress Items to Look Out for This Season

Stress Ball Face


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According to Wikipedia, Stress ball is the 3rd most popular promotional gift presented by companies in the United Kingdom. The usual stress balls are spherical but this funny anti-stress toy with a human face structure helps you get instant relief from anxiety and stress. You can punch the toy or bend it in the desired manner and it will get back to its original shape in no time. The sorrow expression of the toy offers a great satisfaction as the user feels like they have taken the revenge by punching, squeezing or stretching the ball.

How does a Stress Ball help you to relieve stress?
Scientists say that if you are doing some repetitive action then your focus from negative thinking is reduced. Same like a pacifier! A stress ball or a fitness boxing ball can relieve the stress because it keeps your hands busy doing a repetitive movement. Eventually your mind becomes nearly subconscious. Your stress or anxiety is redirected to that stress ball. One more supportive theory suggests that the action of squeezing makes your muscle fibers in hands and arms to relax

Tea Light Candles with Ceramic Aroma Diffuser Set


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Use of aromatherapy helps you keep mind calm and happy. You don’t have to wait to get stressed to turn on the aroma diffuser. Regular use of essential oils will surely make a difference in your life.
These tea light candles with ceramic aromatherapy diffuser provide a different corporate gifting experience. The handy aromatherapy diffuser set creates a sublime aura and fills it with a magical fragrance. The product creates a spa like surrounding to rejuvenate your mind. The pleasant aroma of the diffuser revives memories and reinforces the special bonding. The therapeutic benefits of the product are just a step away.

DCS Hand Held Scalp Head Massager


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DCS massager is effective in achieving a calming effect and immense relief from everyday stress. The massager offers a stimulating effect on the scalp and the nerves. The scalp head massager is lightweight and can be easily be carried anywhere and used to relax different body parts and eliminate the tiredness due to a hectic day.

Desktop Speed Ball


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The desktop speed fitness boxing ball is your mini punching bag at your work station which manages your stress and anger. Similar to a stress ball the repetitive action and specially a hitting action is very effective in calming down angry you. The ball is very portable and easy to install on your desktop, wall and many other places as per your convenience.

How does Hitting on Punching Bag/ball work on your Brain?
When you hit on a punching bag, your brain increases production of endorphins (neurotransmitters) that produces feel nice thoughts in your brain. Punching action helps you relieve muscle tension. As you regularly practice punching, you will find improvement in your focus and increase in concentration level. It helps you forget the reasons of stress and anxiety.
It’s a good exercise for your arms. This small boxing ball sportify and decorates your desktop. As well is a unique gift item for your loved one.

Eye Care Massage Relax Massager Mask


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Most of us use computers, smart phones for hours everyday. Our stressed eyes need some treat at the end of every tiring day and the eye care massager mask helps us achieve relaxation and comfort. Basic eye care helps you avoid severe optic issues and this Relax Massager for eye adds goodness to your everyday eye care routine. The massager can be used to relax the eyes before crawling in. The product acts as a great travel-friendly therapeutic tool.
Stress or anger management is very necessary in the professional world. One wrong move and you get your ass kicked or at least you may do some harm to yourself. Trying these items can definitely bring some positive vibes in your life and help you zap your stress instantly.
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