Lovely Crochet Baby Items: Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Crocheted Items for Baby Photo Shoot to Buy Online In India

Shopping a gift for a newborn baby is a difficult task. Most people pick up a gift basket of baby care products. That is why it has now become a cliché. Finding something unique to present shows efforts put in the gift.
Crochet items, made up of textured intricate patterns, make distinctive and personalized gifts. They are ideal for as a gift for a baby. Given they are made of wool, they are super soft and do not harm the fragile skin of a newborn. Also, crochet booties and caps look inherently cute. This is why we have have a list of such cute crocheted gift ideas to make selection easier for you.
For an amazing baby Photo shoot these crocheted items are must!

Nit-pick among these crocheted items to present

1. Love Crochet Baby Booties

These adorable booties made of yarn come in sets of two. A red and a white one. They add to the cuteness of the baby when they are put on his or her little feet.

2. Big Baby Tutu Skirt With Woollen Cap

This set comes with a pink flowing tutu skirt and a crocheted woollen cap. It makes a very fancy gift for a baby girl between the age of one and three. The little one is sure to look like a princess in it. Will you not love to see your little one in this on her photo shoot?

3. Swashh Baby Bottom and headband

This set is perfect for a taking pictures of a newborn baby in. It is comfortable for the baby as well as looks cute. Especially, the white crochet headband. It is a perfect gift to present at a baby shower.

4. Swashh Long Tail Baby Cap

This is the ideal gift for a baby whose parents love taking pictures. It makes for an amazing photo prop. The colourful cap keeps the baby warm and adds a quirky touch to snaps.

5. Crochet Cap and Booties Set

Another set that will make a baby stand out in pictures. This set, with cowboy hat and booties, will make the baby an adorable little cowboy or cowgirl. The light grey and brown set has intricate crochet work and is an special gift to be presented at baby showers.

6. Rabbit Costume

This is a 2 pieces set costume for a newborn. The parents can dress their baby as a little fire fighter and take some really cool snaps. What’s more, given the costume is crocheted the baby won’t be irritated and photography will be smooth. The set comes with a cap, a bunny cap and a diaper pant.

7. Crochet Bumblebee Set

The little one will look like a cute tiny bee in this colourfully striped woollen cap and bottom set. This will certainly add a buzz to the baby’s photos. The set is made of wool so it will also keep the baby warm.
Crochet sets are made with the best of yarn or wool. They keep the baby warm. Moreover, they are breathable than other fabrics. Now that they are available in such attractive patterns and styles, they are great as costumes for baby photography. The parents would love a gift such as these. That is why they make such a great gift for newborns.

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