Our Picks for Cutest Big Size Teddy Bears

Huge Teddy Bears to Buy Online in India

Who doesn’t love cuddly fluffy soft toys? They are every child’s favourite friend without whom they can’t go anywhere. These fuzzy companions are with us in our adulthood as well. Having them around, no matter what your age is, is always comforting. And we have handpicked the best and the biggest ones for you. Here are our picks for the cutest big size teddy bears to buy in India. They will certainly make you go ‘Aww’

5 Feet Teddy Bears to Buy on Amazon India

Skylofts 5 ft Kung Fu Panda Po Toy

If you or your children are fans of the Kung Fu Panda animated movies then this is certainly a soft toy to adorn your home with. The cuddly Skylofts 5 ft Kung Fu Panda Po Toy weighs a whopping 6kg and is 5ft tall. It is almost as big as Po himself!

CLICK4DEAL’s Lovable Pink Teddy

This plush makes a very good present for the special lady in your life, be it a daughter or a girlfriend. They will love to have this around to cuddle with. The loveable and huggable companion is pretty pink in color and is almost 5 feet tall.

Daksh Soft Teddy

This toy is ideal to decorate a child’s bedroom with. It is only 4ft tall yet so soft and cuddly. The brown fuzzy bear will be a perfect companion in his or her room when you are not around.

Brown Teddy Bear with Happy Birthday T-shirt

As the image suggests, this chocolate color bear a made to be a birthday gift. The 5ft fluffy soft teddy is washable and affable. Any person would love to receive this as a present.

Big Purple Heart Teddy Bear

This colorful teddy has an adorable heart for one to swoon over. The 5ft purple plush weighs only 3kg and is perfect to make a little girl happy in the form of a new friend.

RT Soft Toys Red Bear

This red cuddle buddy is meant for someone special. It is a proper Valentine’s Day gift. Almost 5ft tall and it is a soft, bright and cuddly companion.
These teddy bears will certainly bring happiness to their owners (more like new best friends) lives. If you have more to friendly bears to bring to our list of cutest big size teddy bears to buy in India, let us know in the comments below. So we can spread more cuddles and smiles

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