Smart Gift for Fitness Enthusiast: Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch

Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch: Product Review

It’s good to see such a popular watch brand taking the innovation stakes to the new heights, entering various domains. Fastrack has recently launched its sizzling Reflex Smartwatch in the fitness domain to help the users track their performances on a daily basis. The product is one of a kind from the leading Titan subsidiary. The watch comes with a broad strap silicon band which successfully grabs attention. Here is a brief and useful review of the product that may help you take the right decision before the buy. Check it out.

Specifications of Smartwatch: Fastrack Reflex


Try it as a fashion accessory or complement it with your sports suit – the product is a great pick anyway. The band comprises of silicon with an enticing texture. The sturdiness of the strap doesn’t negotiate with the comfort that your wrist gets after wearing the smartwatch. The band is lightweight and super durable.


The smart wrist watch has an innovative design keeping the sports needs in mind. It has a locking mechanism which makes it easy to wear and stylish. The metallic prongs can be used to adjust the watch according to the wrist’s width. The band is sturdy and flexible at the same time. The OLED display is bright and sufficient in size and you can easily see the figures in it. The specially designed OLED doesn’t cause trouble even in the hard sunlight. The strap is quite broad with a dimension of 47.10 x 22.5x 12.5mm.


The smart watch band has a micro USB at one of its ends which can be used to charge the device. The OLED displays the time in 12 or 24-hour format. You can see the battery level, calories, steps, distance, time, target accomplishment percentage and progress bar in the graphic format. You can turn on the Auto Sleep option to help the band detect your sleeping period and not include it in your performance. The Reflex app on Android or iOS helps you get active as soon as the device detects a longer resting period than usual.

Technical Details

• For Android and iOS
• 7 days battery longevity
• Direct USB charging
• Called ID can be detected
• Vibration alarms


• Style
• Easy USB charging
• Heavy duty OLED screen
• Durable and handy
• Notification and call alerts


• Connection Stability issues with many smartphones
• Incomplete contact displayed when STD or ISD codes associated with the number
• Data loss at times

The product is, on the whole, a value for money. In many aspects, the gadget gives a tough competition to its peers that are already familiar in the market. It’s a strong and heavy duty product that goes well with lifestyle and fitness regime, A great gift for a fitness Enthusiast.

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