Smart Mobile Charger Docks for a Neat Desk

Stylish Cell Phone Charger Doc with Holders

One of the greatest contributors to unnecessary clutter on our desk or bedside table is wires. Thus,
Minimum wires equal more space which inadvertently leads to a better-organized desk or table. The most important wire we need is our mobile charger cord. Therefore, having a proper place for the cord as well as the cell phone makes it easier to locate them when needed. For this very purpose charger docks are essential. We’ve done the work for you and present to you a curated list of best mobile charger docks

Handpicked Charger Dock Holders for Your Cell Phone

1. Shopizone Wooden Charging dock for iPhone

This is an elegant addition to any desk or table. It can hold and charge the iPhone as well as the
iWatch. Just set up the charging cords in the specified location and you are ready to go. An ideal go
to for those who use Apple products, it also makes a great gift for those who tend to lose sight of
their iPhone often.

2. NOVICZ Universal Cell Phone Charger

This product will help you never damage your charging cords again. Just plug in the NOVICZ
Universal charger and place the phone in holder and it will be charged in no time. The colorful
charger dock is compatible with most cell phones and MP3 players. It also makes a very good mobile accessory to take on your travels.

3. Shopizone 4-in- one Wooden Charging Dock

Another product by Shopizone for Apple products, the Shopizone 4-in- one wooden charging dock is one-stop- shop for holding and charging all your Apple products. It can hold and charge iPhones, iPads, iPods and the iWatch. The dock is made out of high-quality bamboo and comes with a charging cord.

4. DivineXt Charging Station and Organizer Tray

Are you someone who is always looking for their keys, wallet and cell phone? Then this product is a must have for you. The sleek black organizer tray can hold all your essential items while the dock in the center will charge your phone and hold it so you won’t misplace it. It is compatible with most phones and music players. This is certainly a handy product which will help you stay organized.

5. 3idea iPhone and iWatch Station with Sound Amplifier

This charging dock also doubles up as speaker. The is a very elegant way to keep your iPhone and iWatch charged. The dock, printed using 3D printing technology, also makes a good present for someone to decorate their desk with.

6. Chronex 2 in 1 Phone Holder and Case

This sleek multi-coloured case serves two purposes. It will hold or hang your phone while charging and double up as a cover while carrying the phone around. It will make the hassle caused by having plugs that are far off minimal as you can hang your phone on the plug itself. Moreover, the Chronex 2 in 1 Holder and case can be used for most phones in the market.

7.MSE Charging Cable cum Dock

While we have been looking at all these elegant docks, how about a fancy cable that is so strong it can be turned into a dock? The MSE charging cable is exactly this. The cable is sturdy and doubles as a tripod or dock to hold your phone. It is extremely travel-friendly.

8. Lifestyle-You iPhone Holder and iWatch Charging Dock

This classy yet modern metallic dock is minimalistic yet gets the job done. It is very small and occupies little space. It is ideal for n office desk.

9. VolksRose Premium Charging Dock

This is multipurpose dock which will hold your phone, tablets, charge your devices and hold your USB pen drives. It is perfect mini device station bedside or on a desk. The wooden dock is intricate and will be an efficient addition to any interior.

Docks like these make our life simpler and more sorted. Eliminate the mess caused by wires using these smart mobile charger docks. If you want to make n addition to this post, let us know in the comments.

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