Stylish Roller Skates to Buy in India for Kids

Roller Skates for Kids: A Buyer’s Guide

Roller skating has managed to remain a physical activity kids still continue to indulge in amidst the rise of online gaming. Therefore, it needs to be encouraged, especially by parents. With proper safety gear, sturdy roller skates or inline skates, some instruction and some unavoidable falling, your kids will master the skill of skating. Similar to any other sport, this skill will teach them immensely and aid their mental and physical growth. To help you roll with it, we have compiled a list of interesting and quirky skates you can buy in India for your child.

Best Roller Skates for Children Available in India

1. Jonex Senior Professional Skates

These skates are of top-quality material. The Jonex Professional Skates can be used by a beginner as well as at an advanced level. They can anyone from an eight-year-old to an adult. The original hyper skates have sturdy Polyurethane Wheels and strong Aluminum Chassis.

2. Zinc Gliders

If you want to minimize the hassle of putting on skates and have something easier, the Zinc Gliders are the perfect form of strap on skates for you to buy. Simply clip them on your child’s shoes and he or she is ready to roll. The LEDs on the wheels will also add to their excitement of skating.

3. Nivia Inline Rollerblades

If your child has already proven his interest in skating and wants to advance or if they want to take their skating level to a more advanced level, inline roller blades will get help them achieve this. They are a little trickier than usual skates, however, roller blades can actually encourage a kid to enhance his skill in the sport and participate competitively. The Nivia Inline rollerblades are ideal for such kids as they are designed with the niches of the sport in mind.

4. Jaspo Senior Skates Combo

It is a given that along with skates safety gear is a must. Instead of buying a separate set, why not get a combo pack? The Jaspo Senior Skates Set comes with a pair of skates as well a helmet and safety pads for knees and elbows. The colorful set also makes for a unique present for kids.

5. Kamachi Inline Skates

As we have spoken about how crucial inline skates can be, the Kamachi Inline skates are another option of high-quality roller blades. The rollerblades will help the user master his precision of the craft.

6. Sawgspin Rollerblade Combo

If you want to introduce your kid to skating and make sure he or she is taking it on for a long time, the Swagsipn Rollerblade Combo would be the best pick for you. It comes with a helmet, elbow and knee pads and a pair of Ferrari-themed black and red roller blades. It will keep the kid safe will learning to better skating.

Skating is a difficult yet beneficial to learn. It teaches agility, balance, coordination, and alertness, all of which are essential to have. Kids will tremendously develop these skills while learning how to skate. The only precaution you as a parent need to take care is not to let them use the skates without safety gear, especially a helmet. Kids trying to learn the sport will fall. The safety gear will help cushion the blow but the fall will be necessary for their learning. Therefore, you should certainly consider a pair of skates from our list of roller skates to buy in India for your child.

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