The Best To Do List Planners You can Buy in India

Planners and Diaries for Organised Working

For those of us who are a stickler for making plans and having a schedule before our eyes, our to do lists are our north star. And for those who would like to be more productive, to do lists are essential. Such lists serve as a guide on what needs to be done and help keep track of our tasks. You can have one big comprehensive to do list for the day or you can even make smaller lists separating them according to categories like work, home, health or shopping. While there are several apps which help you make lists, nothing beats the joy of sitting down to jot to dos on paper. Moreover, this good ol’ way has been known to be psychologically better at getting desired results. That is why we have picked out the best To Do List makers and planners you can buy in India.

To-Do Diaries: Best Picks

1. Coi Memo Diary Style Note Pad

This is one of the most popular and simple planner and to do list maker out there. It has also been a bestseller among stationary items to gift people. The Diary style list maker is like a small notebook on the outside. On the inside though are several colorful post-its in small sizes as well a one big post-it stack on the left. On the right side is a white big notepad. The hard-cover planner even has a slot to keep a small pen. You can categorize, make notes along with to do lists. The Coi Memo Diary Style Notepad is ideal to keep in your bag or purse. Simply, pop it out to write in your thoughts, make lists, leave post its for someone else, etc.
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2. Multi-Color Simple List with Marker


This simple to do list maker is perfect to jot down your to dos. It even comes with a marker of its own. You can put in all your tasks for the day in the slots and the dots beside each can be color-coded according to importance and priority. You can keep one of these at home and the other at your workplace and have your daily goals sorted!

3. Make Something Today Planner

This A5 size notebook-like planner is the most wholesome daily planner one can have. It will have all your life sorted in one page each day. You can list your to dos, have your schedule and events listed, keep tabs on your food and water intake as well as have a daily list of expenses made! It will certainly is a book you can’t make do without. It is the ideal planner for better productivity and daily motivation.
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4. The Cool Uncool List

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If you are an adult who sorts tasks not on how important they are but by how cool and fun or uncool and tedious they will be, this to do list maker is for you. The quirky planner will make your life easy and keep you accountable for those tasks you are procrastinating on. If you are a newbie at making to do lists, this funky Cool Uncool list will certainly get you started.

5. Nourish Monster Planner

Every parent wants to instil the value of proper planning and organization in their child. This is where is the cartoon-laden Nourish Planner comes in. This to do list maker is designed for kids. They can learn to make to dos and scribble in notes for themselves. They will also experience the joy of ticking a task of off a list at an early age. It will be a habit which will take them a long way in life.
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To Do lists keep us accountable and make sure we accomplish everything we set out for each day. These planners help us be centred throughout our busiest days. The feeling of accomplishment after checking off an item from your list makes you feel exhilarated as though you have just won a marathon. In case you have any more to do lists which we can add to our list of Best To Do List Planners you can buy in India, do list it in the comments. Now that we have our lists sorted, its time to go do the tasks listed in them!


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