Top 10+ Gift Ideas for This Diwali

Unique and Useful Gifts for this Diwali

Firecrackers, colorful boxes of rich calorie sweets, chocolates and free hugs; Is Diwali limited to all these things only? Showing up on festive days with all those boring gifts wrapped in bright colored papers is simply an old school now. It’s time to come up with some innovative gift ideas that are not a nine days wonder. You can make a really impressing and surprising list of gifts for your buddies, family and near folks this Diwali and reserve a special niche in their memories forever. On the sparkling night of the grand Indian festival, you can gear up with some fabulous presents to bring a big smile on the faces of your loved ones outright. Check out some out of the way gift ideas for this Diwali and stand out of the crowd with a grin on your face.

Aroma diffuser (Aromatherapy Diffusers) and Essential Oil Kit: Spread the aromatic happiness


Aroma Atomiser Humidifier And Diffuser GX 01K (Image Source:

Many people have allergy to smoky essence sticks. The aroma diffusers are healthier and prettier option for your bedrooms, study room, library and evening time in drawing room. The amazing aromatherapy has benefits to offer for everyone.
The diffusers come in very attractive designs. And Can be set on overnight for a relaxing nice sleep time.

Barbeque Charcoal Grill Set – Yummy Diwali!
Tell your near and dear ones to say no to the fuss of firing and embrace the handy barbeque charcoal grill set this Diwali. The gift is perfect for your foodie loved ones.

Bonsai Tree – An Exotic Gift
A cute real miniature of huge trees in the drawing room! You can buy the real bonsai tree online. See some amazing options on Amazon. They have very limited stock.
(Like this: Exotic Indoor Bonsai )

Lonely Planet India (Travel Guide) – Time To Explore India
Sarina Singh’s one of the best literary crafting will give your friends and relatives serious travel goals this festive season. An unusual but helpful Diwali gift for all ages!

Yoga Kit
You can inspire your near and dear ones to do Yoga moves to digest the rich calories Diwali sweets by gifting them an efficient Yoga Kit. It’s like taking care of your beloved ones and keeping them happy with festive gifts at real time.

LED Candles
Enough of traditional LEDs and CFLs for home or workplace illumination. You can choose a trendy range of LED candles, controllable or non-controllable, to offer an exotic light of hope in the lives of your near folks.

DSLR – Say Cheese!
What can be better that capturing golden moments in frames? This Diwali, you can go for a range of affordable DSLRs to let your dear ones live it up the special moments with maximum FOCUS.

Vintage Binoculars – Slash off the Distances
Binoculars may be less in demand nowadays but if your beloved people love wild safari or sports (even bird watching) then this can be an enjoyable gift option.

Smart Coffee Maker – The Blend of Taste and Technology
Coffee lovers will definitely love the quick and effortless coffee making process along with the seamless WiFi connectivity stepping in the digitized era. You can definitely win hearts with this gift.

Set Of Popular Hollywood Series DVDs – Go Filmy!
Breaking Bad, The Middle or Game of Thrones – which TV series is your buddy’s weakness? Gifting top TV series DVD collection is not at all a bad idea if you know your buddy well enough.

Expensive Beers – Choicest Collection Works Wonders
Men’s hearts are pretty hard to win, especially when it’s festive season. Chocolates, apparel, sweets and suchlike gifts make kids and cheeks fall for them but not men. Try a cart full of finest beers like Budweiser, Sam Adams, Heineken and the rest may leave your buddy agape. Beers and men share a special bonding and saying a no to a great beer means there is something fishy about that NO.

Power Banks – Charge Your Loved Ones
Power Banks can be an innovative and useful option for Diwali gift. Life is getting busier every moment and stopping somewhere means getting lagged behind in the race. Power Banks will help your loved ones to lead the competitive race of life keeping the required power by their gadgets stored in an enticing box all the time. Power banks easily find space in everyone’s pockets and keep their gadgets charged all day long.

This Diwali, you and your beloved folks can have more than just fun and exchange of wishes. All you need to do is make a great gifting list for your special people and tell them how good you know them. Wishing you a smashing and prosperous Diwali in advance!

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