Top 10 Gifts for Housewarming Ceremony In India

Unique House Warming Ceremony Gifts For Around Rs 2000

The Indian house warming ceremony is no more limited to the rituals and other traditional stuff. It’s an opportunity to meet the near and dear ones and experience a great time together. The unique and suitable housewarming gifts can add delight to the event and build up the relationships. Amidst a range of gift options, you may think what is the best gift under 2000Rs for an Indian House warming ceremony? Here are some great housewarming gifts under Rs. 2000 that you can happily buy for your near ones without getting bothered about the budget.

Best Gifts for 2000Rs for Family/Friend: Housewarming Special

Copper Jug with Glass Sets

Copper has been a special element in the Indian culture for centuries. It has curative benefits and classy appearance. The shiny brown copper jug with glasses can be sued to serve water or juices in an event or you can simply use them as a vital home décor element.

Soup Bowls Set

The essence of a soup not just comes from the secret ingredients used to prepare it but the serving bowls also contribute a lot to make the stuff appetizing. The premium quality Ceramic Soup bowls are attractive, easy to carry and strong.

Wooden Salad Tray with Ceramic Bowl and Cutlery Spoon Set

umbers, onions, tomatoes easily using the sturdy and stylish wooden salad tray. The classy appearance of the tray makes your salad more appetizing. The tray comes with a ceramic bowl and cutlery spoon set making your purchase a value for money.

Wooden Salad Bowls

Your guests may want you to surprise them at the dinner table and the wooden salad or rice bowls can be a great pick to fit the bill. The wonderful craftsmanship of the product adds beauty to the served recipes. The bowl is durable and tempting. You can serve rice, salads, fruits and many other eatables in it.

Cookware Set

Be it the housewarming gift for an individual, married couple or a family; the cookware set always has a special value. The portable non-stick cookware set is smartly designed to save the kitchen space and add to its functionality. The marvel finishing pans with the detachable handles can be a treat to any kitchen.

Crystal bead for Home Décor

Home décor can’t be overlooked when thinking about the post-housewarming scenario. The ARK-shaped organized set of crystal beads can be a treat to any home interior. You guests and kids will love the product and it will always generate a positive vibe.

3 Steps Indoor Water Fountain

Let the happiness flow like the fresh water in the 3 step indoor water fountain. The product showcases a fine craftsmanship and creates a harmonious ambiance. The fountain is portable and can fit any corner or space of an interior.

Brass Shankh Design Sun Wall Hanging

This design can help you keep all the negative vibes outside your home. It’s the first step to welcome happiness and prosperity home.

Floor Lamp

The handmade bamboo floor lamp offers a creative hue to your interior and makes your evenings special. The lamp drives compliments by virtue of its fine detailing, sturdy wooden base and innovative design.

Reclining Buddha Idol with T Lites

Buddha is the lord of peace, enlightenment and goodness. The beautifully crafted reclining Buddha idol helps maintaining the harmony inside a home. The lights attached with the idol add to the opulence of the product.

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