Top 5 Bonsai Trees to Beautify Your Home Interior

Bonsai Trees to Own and How to Plant Them

Greenery sparks refreshment and vitality in us. It is necessary for us to be in touch with plants and nature, surround ourselves with them. Therefore, indoor and outdoor plants are crucial to have. They purify the air as well as add to the aesthetic of the setting they are placed in. Given outdoor gardens are difficult to maintain, indoor low-maintenance plants like bonsai trees are now a fresh addition to the design of a room.

So, What Does Bonsai Mean?

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art of growing dwarfed trees in garden pots. Bonsai plants are elegant miniature trees which can easily sit atop a table or in a corner of a room. They don’t take up space and add charm. There are several types and varieties of bonsai plants. And we have a guide for you on which ones to buy and how to care for these little trees.

Tempted to get yourself one of these little wonders?

Best 5 Bonsai Plants We Plucked Out

1. Bamboo Lotus Bonsai Tree

This indoor plant is only three inches tall and has long alluring green leaves. These plants are imported from China and are in accordance with Feng Shui. Just like the idol of laughing Buddha, this plant is also gifted for good will. The tree requires close to no upkeep. All you need to do is keep it out of direct sunlight and sprinkle a few drops of mineral water or aqua guard purified water on it once a week.

2. 3-year-old Ficus Microcarpa: Tree

This plant represents peace, prosperity and happiness. The three-inch Anthurium Silk Plant plant requires very little care. The Ficus comes with an elegant English purple pot which enhances the beauty of its pretty red blooms. The bonsai tree is easy to move around and adds a rich feel to the interior.

3. Bonsai Desert Rose Ambizu: Seeds

This bonsai plant exuberates vibrancy and liveliness. It is available in a pack of 50 seeds. It flowers throughout the year in varied pastel colours. The desert rose is a great addition to the indoor as well as the outdoor garden.

4. Noolec cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree: Seeds

This silk tree is available in a pack of over five seeds. It has no leaves and it is covered in pink cherry blossoms. These flowers grow throughout the year and the seeds have a very high germination rate. The plant is also very easy to grow.

5.Red Maple Bonsai tree:Seeds

In case you are looking for a bonsai tree to add to your garden outside the home or window, this is the perfect fit. The plant, with its blood-red foliage, is a miniature maple tree. They are very easy to grow and are in their full glory during spring.

Already have the seeds of a Bonsai tree and are wondering how to grow them? We have got know-how for you right here

How to Plant Bonsai Tree/Seeds

– You will need special soil for Bonsai trees called Bonsai soil.
– You will also need a small garden pot for the miniature tree.
– First, you will fill up the base of the pot with a water draining material like little rocks or pebbles.
– Second, put a layer or two of the Bonsai soil
– Then, place the seeds of the plant with little distance between two seeds
– Lastly, add a layer of Bonsai soil on top and sprinkle a few drops of water

You can also follow the instructions in the video below to sow the seeds

Bonsai trees add elegance to the decor and are perfect for your office or home space. They also make a great gift for a near and dear one. They are full of beauty and symbolism. And owning them is like owning a piece of art.

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