Top 9 Gifts for Indian Bride from Groom

Unique Indian Wedding Gifts to Bride from Groom

In the pyramid of gifts, the gift that an Indian Bride loves the most on her wedding; is indeed the gift that she receives from her groom. So all grooms of India, now that you know, what your gift would mean to your bride; here’s a roll of unique gifts which you could gift to your beautiful bride. Since you are a husband-to-be, why not gift her something romantic and unique. Hence we have curated a list of top 9, uncommon romantic wedding gifts and gift ideas that would make her cheeks blush and lips, smile.

A Groom’s Gifts to his Indian Bride

Personalized Bracelet

personalised braceletPersonalize wedding bracelet, would be a thing of just you two. Modern-day wedding rings come in a set of two, both meant for the bride. One ring‘s body is broad, while the other ring’s body is thin.
Just like the wedding rings, you could get her a set of two bracelets. And for each of the two, you could choose any of these ‘love metals’ (Love Metals, because ladies love jewelry made out of these metals) they are: Rose (Pink) Gold Metal, Platinum or Silver. On one bracelet you could get your wedding date engraved. And on the coordinate bracelet, you could mention the name of your wedding location. So, find out a jeweler who makes customized jewelry, and tell her how special your wedding day, is for you.

Pink Travel Duffle Bag

pink travel bag

Hot Pink, Baby Pink, or Candy Pink, they love all shades of Pink! Even the word ‘pink’ sounds cute to some of them. Weird but true. “Who makes ‘pinky swears’?” That’s girls. Who have been singing since childhood, “Pinky, pinky, what color, what color you want”? It’s girls, again. See, they are kind of smitten with things related to pink.
Though they say, red is the color of love but in your first trip together, this Pink color Travel Bag, would be the color of your Love. To send her a message that you would take care of her, every single little thing, you can buy this Bag for Rupees [Click Here]

Personalized Bathrobes

bathbobe pink

Beware of your bride’s friends and her sisters in your wedding reception, because if you would gift this bathrobe to her, right in front of them. Then nobody would be able to save you, from their hooting. As they all would be willing to see, what their Jiju has got for his bride.
Since you would get it customized, you could write some special message on her robe like, “Welcome Home, Dear Wife”, “A robe for robbing my heart”, “My husband is jealous of my bathrobe” etc. Or maybe, you could simply use the word ‘Bride’ for her robe, to make her feel pampered like a bride, all the time. If you want to gift this unique customized robe, go [Here]

Couple’s Wallpaper

couple landscape wallpaper

Usually, you will see people photo frame some of their photos to hang on the wall. So instead of that, you create a medley of your wedding photos, by creating a personalized Couple’s Wallpaper.
If you don’t want to lock your pre-wedding and wedding photos in photo albums, then chose a corner of your bedroom, to cover it with wallpaper having both of your photos. To linger your room with romance, [Click here]

Honeymoon Tickets

honeymoon tickets

In case you have watched the movie, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ of Twilight series, you must have seen how Edward took away Bella on a honeymoon, right after their wedding reception! Darn! Hearts of many girls melted seeing that part. Well, Edward Cullen surely knows how to be a heck of a romantic husband. Think for yourself, by pre-planning your honeymoon, you could surprise her with honeymoon tickets. To hear her saying, “Are you serious?” and to make her wedding more remarkable, you should now start finding a honeymoon destination for yourself.

Limousine Ride to Wedding Location


Let your Lehenga-clad bride, come in a Limousine. Add a touch of glamour in your wedding, by giving her a Limousine ride. Let everybody know that your bride has arrived, let everybody surround the limousine like paparazzis. If presidents of many countries ride on a Limousine, so why can’t your life’s, special lady make a grand entry with it.

Wedding Cake

wedding cake

Though in Indian wedding rituals, there’s no mention of wedding cakes. Still, like we eat something sweet before starting a new work and we make sweets during festivals or on any happy occasion. Using the same logic, you should not feel hesitant while ordering a wedding cake for her.
Also a cake looks more romantic than sweets with Cake Tops of Bride and Groom on it. Ask your baker, to keep everything romantic, find out which flavor of cake does she likes, and you are good to go. And then on your day, cut the cake together for marking the beginning of your new life.

Handcrafted Personalized Bag

personalised handbag

One thing that’s really special about handcrafted goods is that, each of the good receives personal attention of the craftsmen. With personalized bags, she could possess a bag which would be all hers, just like, you are all hers. She could possess a bag that nobody on this Earth, would be having. And when you would gift her bag from here, don’t forget to write ‘Made with love’ on the gift tag. [Click here]

Tattoo of her Name


If you are a hardcore loving husband, you could surprise her by inking her name’s tattoo on any part of your body. A wedding is a bond of eternity; it is about the oneness of two souls. The biggest change that she undergoes after the wedding is when she adds your surname after her name. And the biggest change that you could undergo in your wedding is by getting her name inked on yourself. Even a tiny mini tattoo would prove to be a huge romantic gesture for her, which any loving husband could ever make.

Bonus Tip

wedding gift

You could create a short film of your journey together, by including all your photos together, in the form of a photo-video. In case you are feeling shy, to visit a video photographer for this, don’t worry. You could create your photo-video on your own, with the help of []. Keep on making such romantic gestures, and she would never throw you a silly question like this, “How much do you love me, baby?” even after 50 years of marriage.

Though on the wedding day, everybody’s eyes would be set on the bride. But those same set of eyes would be waiting for the gift, which you, Mister Groom, would give to your bride. With these unique Indian wedding gifts, you would not only surprise your women but also others. As we have tried to make sure that your chosen gift for your lovely bride; turns her wedding day into Most Special Day of Her Life.

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