Trendy Ethnic Wall Clocks to Decorate Your Walls

Ethnic Wall Clocks to Buy Online in India

Wall clocks add a sense of elegance to any wall despite their design. They are like a necklace which adores the wall. There are several options when it comes to choosing a wall clock. You can pick according to theme, design, setting, etc. But the charm of the old vintage-style clocks, clocks with a rusty grace will never go out of style. Or the splash of color a trendy clock brings to a wall won’t be matched by any paint around it. But how about a middle ground with the intricacy of the old with the touch of something new? This is why we compiled a list of ethnic clocks you can adorn your home with.

Selected Ethnic Wall Clocks You can Buy Online

1. Handicraft Pine Wood Vintage Clock

This beauty is everything you would want in a wall clock. The handicraft around the clock is intricate and gives it elegance. Its colorful patterns also add a splash of color. The clock bestowed in the middle has numbers in a big font so that it is easy for you to tell the time. The numbers and the hands of the clock will take you back in time though due to their vintage design.

2. Peacock Blue Wall Clock

If grace is what you are looking for then this clock is sure to impress you. The handcrafted clock sits valiantly mounted upon the back of a beautiful peacock. The dial and numbers are fashioned after an old clock to give it a vintage feel. The serene blue time-telling peacock comes with a one year warranty as well. It will certainly be a beauty to behold on your wall.

3. Elios Vintage Clock

If you are looking for something simplistic with a colorful touch of the yesteryears, look no further. The Elios Vintage Clock is the silent beauty that will hang on the wall of your choice and spread smiles.The dial is fashioned after a station clock. The 12-inch retro clock features Quartz Sweep Movement which guarantees accurate time and absolutely non-ticking silent environment.

4. RoyalsCart Decorative Wall Clock

If class is what you are looking for then your search ends here. This simple yet gorgeous wall clock has a splendid golden design around the dial. The vintage clock will be a regal addition to your living room wall and is sure to spread amazement among your guests.

5. Traditional Home and Bazaar Clock

This is a perfect clock for a kitchen looking for some retro fun. The clock fashioned like a clock at a railway station will certainly help you keep track of your busy schedule and let you know when the Kid Express arrives, leaves for school, eats and sleeps. It will be a simple spark of charm on the walls of your kitchen as it takes something from the bygone era and makes it useful even today.
Wall clocks will not be going out of time anytime soon. They are here to stay despite our latest habit of looking to our phones for the time. They will always be an integral part of home decor which will always add panache. Especially, vintage clocks. And a trendy design is sure to enhance the opulence of the old and give it a refreshing new start. This is why you should certainly use a trendy ethnic wall clock to decorate your walls.

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