Unique Gifts for Indian Mom

Birthday Gift for Mom to Buy Online in India

A mom expresses her love for her kids through caring, cooking and shopping. But, when the kids get the opportunity to thank their mom for her unconditional love through innovative gifts, it becomes confusing as it’s difficult to understand what a mom really wants? Should you get her a fresh flower bouquet? Or, Should you go for a dazzling piece of jewellery? Several things run in the head when it’s about buying a gift for mom. Well, below are some uncommon and amazing gifts for mom to give a thought to.

Useful and Unique Gifts for Mother

Succulent Pots for Kitchen Windows

Cooking is indeed a difficult job but your mom may never express her tiredness. Let her enjoy the fresh air along with a nice view of the exotic succulents planted in the colorful and cute pots. These pots are durable and attractive.

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Portable Electric Body Massager

Do you often feel that you can’t give enough time to your mom and massage her legs or neck after her long tiring day? Well, you can bring the electric body massager home to give your mom a relaxing massage. The massager relaxes the complex muscles that are difficult to reach and the heat generating from the massager offers a soothing effect that effectively releases the stress and anxiety. She can also carry the massager with her on travel.

Handcrafted Wooden Jewellery Box

Whether she is in her 40s, 50, or 60’s; moms always love jewelleries, especially if the jewelleries are gifted by their children. The eye-catching wooden jewellery box can be a perfect mommy gift on her birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. The box opens in three parts resembling the stairs. The jewellery box not just keeps the costly jewelleries but keeps the beautiful memories as well.

Smart Kitchen Tools

The chef mommas are always deserve some innovative kitchen tools to make her cooking experience better. The smart kitchen tools like rolling pin and tong holder, vegetable chopper and washing bowl and strainer saves time and space. When these smart tools are around, your mom will get a strong reason for preparing some more yummy dishes for you every day.

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Cute Mom & Me Cup Set

If you ever want to share some interesting talks with your mom over a cup of tea or coffee, the Mom & Me cup set can make your conversations more happening. You can show your love and bond with your mom through this amazing cup set. The simple and sober design drives attention and makes your tea or coffee experience memorable.

Wonderchef Cooking Set

Moms love to prepare yummy recipes for their kids just to see the priceless smile. The Wonderchef cookware in a set of 4 items can be a great pick for your wonderchef mom. The stylish design and marvel coating make the product look elegant. The 4-layer PFOA free coating can make the cooking fun and cleaning the pans easy. If you mom loves cooking food in convention mode in Microwave, the cookware set can be used after detaching the handles. Also this can be used on Induction. It’s a space-saving cooking solution that every kitchen deserves.

Hobby Gifts for Mother

A mom is always busy, with no “only-Me” time, she can never truly relax. These Hobby gifts will make her take time for herself and nurture her hobbies.

Knitting Set

Does your mom love knitting in her spare time? Well, in that case a stylish knitting set can surely bring a smile on her face. The smooth wooden knitting needle and hooks will pamper your mom’s hands and encourage her to bring out more creativity while knitting the wool.

Painting Set

Not all mommas are born painters but the moms who love painting will definitely love this amazing paint-by-number set. The painting set doesn’t demand professional artistic skills. All your mom needs to do is follow the numbers and outline and paint it with acrylic paints of various colors.

Wax Candle Making Kit

DIY ideas have no limits. The homemaker moms always look for some creative DIY kits to spend their leisure time. With the help of the wax candle making kit, your mom will not only be able to create some beautiful and fragrant candles but give her creative skills an edge as well.

DIY Jewellery Set

A woman who loves trying exquisite jewelleries may also like creating them. The DIY jewellery making set will give you a fair idea of how creative your mom is. The box contains the jewellery making and repairing items including wire, hooks, rings, silver beads, head pins, studs, ipins and many other accessories. So, you can let your mom create new jewellery for her every day with this amazing DIY kit.

Pottery Kit

Sculpting is an art which demands sheer patience and skills. If your mom loves sculpting then the pottery kit is the perfect surprise for her special day. Now giving any shape or size to the designs can be easier than before with the help of this innovative pottery set.

Moms never say what they want but the fact is they expect something unusual that she doesn’t have in her everyday chore. It’s time to pay back all the love and care that your mother gave you since the day one after your birth. These wonderful and innovative gifts are enough to say that mom, you are special.

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