Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers

What to Gift a Tea Lover?

Tea is the elixir of life only if it is served with love and in the right cup; you know that, right?
Tea-lovers are as omnipresent as grass. While you have tea-lovers around you and it’s time to gift them something on their special day, you might find yourself in a fix as finding a gift for tea-lovers is not easy as it sounds. They already have everything onboard starting from kettles to a plethora of cups.
How will you impress or make them happy by gifting?
Well, read on to find out.
We have sorted down an extensive list of exotic and out-of-ordinary gifts ideas for tea-lovers. Picked by paying attention to each and every detail, these gifts ideas are surely a thing to consider at first when you want to gift your die-hard tea-lover friend or family member.
So, bring a million dollar smile on them by picking anything from our list.

Unusual Gifts for a Tea Fan

Taste the Real Essence of Life in Kulhads Pots

Tea tastes better if it is served in these earthen kulhads. Drinking tea in kulhads is not a new-fangled idea. It is an ancient practice which has lost its significance in today’s epoch of bone china and plastic. Well, bring back the golden era of tea drinking by sipping your caffeine in these earthen kulhads.

Twinings Decaffeinated English Black Tea

This tea from Twining is the right pick for all those who want to get away with the caffeinated effect of a tea. It is the perfect partner for your eggs and toast in breakfast. As the tea is decaffeinated, it is ideal to sip on anytime during a day. Even at wee hours of the night.

A Chest of Refreshing Zest

Goodwyn Tea Alluring Chest –A Royal Exotic Wooden Tea Gift Box-40 Tea Bags
Not only the diamonds are exotic, a sip of a tea could be as exotic as solitaire. Handpicked from best tea-states of India, this chest of premium tea is definitely the best perquisite for a tea lover.

Drink the Liquid Vigor in a Bottle like This

Green Tea filter Bottle
Description- Reinvent your motto of getting fit and healthy by drinking a sip of liquid vigor, green tea, in this filter bottle. Get rid of the hassle of preparing this penance drink again and again. Well, the offerings are not over yet. The beautifully crafted tin will store the leaves with care.

Let Iron Man Serve You Tea

Funny Tea Mugs
How it would feel when Iron Man is at your service? Pampered, right?
Well, it is not a dream. It is a reality if you buy these Iron Man helmet tea mugs. Put the head down of the avenger and your tea is all secured. Non-toxic and microwave safe, this tea mug is the right pick for an Iron Man fan.

Everything about an Exotic Tea gets Settled if it is a Kettle

Metal Kettle and Glass Set
Description: When it comes to serving tea, a kettle never gets out of sight whether it is the time of Adam and Eve or of Rose and Jack is. This beautifully crafted metal kettle is the only way to serve a sip of extravagance and lavishness.

A Life-Saving Mug for Lazy Toads

Self-Stirring Mug
Description: Why to take the strain for tea stirring when it can be done by a button press? Keep the mess of spoon away from this self-stirring mug. At the press of a button, the job will be done for you. The insulated and non-slippery coating further enhances its viability.

Don’t just Drink your Tea, Wear it

Let the world know your true passion for tea with this tea-cup printed t-shirt. The t-shirt is the best gift for any tea lover as each time they will put on this t-shirt, their zeal for tea will increase by manifolds. The print is not only attractive but steady fast also that does not lose its sheen even after several washes. The 3 D print gives an illusion of real tea cup.

Spice up Your Life and Tea with Exotic Mix of Tea Spices

Spice Mix Tea
A masala chai or spiced tea is the solution to all your conundrums. Tea made out of this spice mix will not revitalize you but will also bestow you will a pink health as the spices are of medicinal value as well. It will do wonders to senses from the very moment it starts brewing. The goodness of seven spices is bestowal and rewarding. A cup this spice tea makes everything far than better.

A Mobile Cover with a Zingy Chatter

Mobile and Tea are the true obsession of people these days and this mobile cover showcase you obsession for both in an interesting way. While the strong and sturdy build of the case will protect your device, the catchy message will compel others to read it once.

A Sip of The Royalty on Your Lips

Silver Cups
True happiness is a royal cup of your favorite tea. Well, these silver plated cups are surely a thing to die for. Crafted with care and precision, a sip in these cups will give a feel of crowned heads.
With tea, everything gets better and superior. It is not a drink but a gateway of happiness and glee. When you are not in a mood to do something, have a cup of tea. When you are excited, enhance it with a cup of tea. The popularity and importance of tea have taken a leap of many steps from a simple beverage. Then, why not make it more interesting for those tea-lovers who swear by their cup of tea?
All these gifting ideas will do this job efficiently. All you need to do is just place an order, rest will be just cherishing 🙂

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