Unique Gifts for Teenage Boys

Gift Ideas for Boys Age 16 years

While most teenage girls tend to have peculiar interests, their male counterparts can be found in front of their video game consoles. It is tough to pick out a gift for a teenager. One wants to avoid cliches and gift something useful to the youth. We had made a compilation of ideas of special gifts for a teenage girl earlier, now how could we leave out the boys. Therefore, here’s a list.

Unique Gifts for Teenage Boys

1. Relatable YA (Young Adult) Books

When it comes to gifting teenagers books, most people tend to go for autobiographies or classics which teenagers deem boring and push aside. However, in the recent years, young adult literature has developed exponentially, with stories incorporating mature themes woven intricately into adventure, magic or fantasy, keeping young minds hooked. Such books enhance the video-game obsessed teen’s vocabulary, knowledge, language while also giving them the sense of adventure the seek out in video games. Series like The Hardy Boy, The Hunger Games, The Giver or Harry Potter, help the teen grow through relatable characters and elaborate plots. Therefore, to start a teen on the path to becoming a reader for the rest of his life, gift him books from the Young Adult genre.

2. The Amazon Kindle

As we have just established the importance of reading books, instead of gifting a single book or a series why not gift an array of them along with portability? The Amazon Kindle is the best e-reader in the market and offers mobility and access to over thousands of books on the go in one single device. A teen can easily fit it in his or her bag, read whenever and wherever he wants to, including in the sunlight. There are several variants of the Kindle to choose from. The device thus makes for an excellent gift for a teen.

3. Pogo Sticks

For a pre-teen who is on the cusp of teenage, playing outside is something he still enjoys. A Pogo stick is a way to encourage this habit for a little longer before the pressures and schedules of a teenager make their way into his life. A Pogo stick will be something he will cherish and can even use through his teenage to have fun with his friends. The jumping on the stick will also keep him physically active, which is necessary for teenage boys for their growth.

4. Fancy Jackets

It is during this age that boys become conscious of their attire. They dabble into men’s fashion and experiment. They look for ‘cool stuff’. One such item which has an evergreen status in men’s fashion is the leather jacket. It is classy yet cool. He can pair it up with any shirt or t-shirt. An elegant leather jacket will make him feel more confident and like an adult. It will also keep him warm.

5. Funky Headsets

Teenagers love listening to music or playing video games. That is why they are very particular when it comes to headphones. They also tend to be rough with their headphones. Thus they need a pair of headsets which are strong and durable. Moreover, they also need to have a little special something. This is why funky headphone makes such a good gift for a teenage boy. You can check out our picks for the best of funky headphones here.

Picking out a gift for a teenage boy isn’t as daunting as it seems. And if it does you can always look at Blazy Gone Crazy to help you narrow in on a gift. In case you want to have more to add to our list of unique gifts for teenage boys, do let us know in the comments.

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