Unique Shaped Coffee Mugs: Its Kaafee Time

Unusual and Creative Coffee Mugs to Buy Online

Coffee mugs are one of your office companions. A cup of coffee is all you need to work with refreshed mind. People who like their things unique designed, this post is for them. List of unusual shaped coffee mugs for your desk or as a gift for him or her
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Creative Coffee Mugs to Buy Online in India

Game Lovers Mug

A mug of coffee can pep up the nights for night owl gamers. When you need coffee to cross the next level of the game, make sure the coffee is in a stylish mug.

If you like it Weird

Being weird means not being a regular person. Boost your love for the unconventional handcrafts with this weird coffee mug. The more you look at it, the more you fall for it.

Elegant and Sweet Design

It’s a sober treat for sweet and simple coffee lovers. Be it a regular coffee or cappuccino; the elegant coffee mug with matte finish makes it special.

Its a Bat-Mug

Batman lovers always seek adventure and the best adventures happen in the night. The tempting aroma of the coffee can keep you awake for your enthralling missions and the bat sign keeps you reminding of your strengths.

Say Cheese With Coffee Camera

Art lovers always want artistic items around them. Same goes with the camera lovers. The camera lens shaped coffee mug keeps inspiring you about your passion and pushes you to come up with something extraordinary.

Wish Come True

Being sexy is the wish of billions of people across the globe. If no one has called you sexy yet, your coffee mug can take the initiative. The wonderful mug is worth putting your lips on as it reminds you of your sexiness.

Hush Up The Mug With Cookies

Let your coffee mug not shout and disturb your loud thoughts. You can hush it up by keeping your cookies in its mouth while enjoying your wonderful coffee.

What you Looking at??

When your brain is lazy, give it a solid coffee hug in a weird coffee mug. The weird face coffee mug is always fun and it makes your coffee time awesome.

Musical Harp Mug

Music fanatics can’t live without bass, harmony, notes, melodies and vocals. For ardent music lovers, the mug is a visual treat and it makes the coffee taste great as well.

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