Unusual Gifts for Your Beautiful Girlfriend

Unique Gifts for Fashion Loving Girlfriend

When its about gifting something to your girlfriend, be it on her birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary days or just a surprise gift it got to be unique and beautiful. Young girls, be it college student or working love fashion clothes and accessories. But how to find something unique which she will love and also you don’t have to worry about its size? So here we have a nice solution for your problem.

Uncommon Fashion Gifts for Your Girlfriend

1. Pashmina Shawl

pashmina shawl myntra
They are one of most beautiful things we get made in Kashmir. The very special and exhotic silk called Cashmere / Pashmina is used to make the exclusive Pashmina Shawl. These can be worn on Indian or western outfits. Suits any personality and brings an unique charm to your lady. You can buy them starting from 1500 to 30000 Rs. Depending on the quality of the silk used in making
them, the Prices differs. Buy them on Amazon.in or Myntra.com

2. Engraved Silver Bracelets

sterling silver bracelet
You might have to take an extra efforts for this one. But belive me its going to be truely special gift for her. You have to get a personalised Sterling Silver bracelet. You can get any message engraved on it. Like For my special lady. with love from ‘Your Name’, Her name, Date when you met her first time, or coordinate of the place where you met her. When you get them made by order, use the design as shown in picture so that you dont have to worry about the perfect size. It look amazing anytime. So She wont take it off her hands.

3. Convertible Travel Dresses

convertible travel dress
These are super adorable and are going to save a lot of money. Why? Because usually these dresses can be worn on 5-10 styles. This one is perfect gift for her just before you plan a trip together. Not necessary on beach this dress take any form to fit many occasions. So save money and save space too. They look sexy and are mostly free size.
Where to buy it? Try this website: http://www.shopbot.co.in/convertible-dress

4. Trendy Single Anklet

Single Anklets look super awesome on bear legs. Especially on short denims. Gift a beautiful trendy fashionable single anklet. You will find amazing designs on Amazon Store.

anklet single online india

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Swarovski Crystal Bangle Bracelet

18K Gold Plated, Beautiful Bangle type bracelet from Swarovski. Colorful Cute flowers and butterflies on this bangle makes it look very unique and adorable. This bangle can be used on western or Indian clothes. It comes in Swarovski’s special packing so you don’t have to worry about the gift packing. This gift will surely win her heart.

swarovski elements queen

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Bodyherbals Lavender Care Kit

Help soothe your lady through making sure she has a relaxing bath each morning. Gift her a hamper full of goodies like the Bodyherbals Lavender care Kit. The hamper includes a de-stressing shower gel and a bathing bar, two loofahs, a candle as well as some heavenly potpourri to decorate her bathroom. Her bathing will become one of the most relaxing experiences of her day. This product will convert her bathroom into a little spa for her. And it will certainly be something she will be grateful for.

7Trees Folio Case

This is one of the best little presents you can gift her. The multi-purpose stationary item will help her become more productive and achieve her goals. The 7Trees Folio case comes with a faux leather casing, a ball pen, a notepad on one side and a horde of colorful post-its on the other. This case will help her take notes, jot down her to-do lists, as well as mark things, write notes and stick them on surfaces to remind her to do them. It will help her be organized and she will certainly love it.

The Mi Smart Band

If your girlfriend is a fitness freak or someone who takes care of their health, the Mi Smart Band is a companion she would love have. The smart band is a fitness tracker and a sleep monitor. It will count the number of steps taken, will monitor the quality of sleep and even wake the wearer up. Its long-lasting battery can go up to a month. Simply pair the water-resistant device up with your phone and you are ready to go. The product is available in several bright and attractive colors. It will certainly increase her motivation to attain her fitness goals and help her be healthier.

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