Weirdest Things to Buy Online in India

Unbelievable Things you can buy online in India

Are you looking out for some insanely Weird things to give as a gift? Are you not able to think of a Unique Gag gift? Do you want to give a whacko gift so that they would never forget you for ages? If your answer to all these questions is in affirmative, then you have come to the right place. These are some Crazy Things to buy online which would get their eyes and mind amazed.

Quirky Things to buy online in India

Zombie Survival Kit

zombie survival kit

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Invite over Zombies at your place by playing this ‘Oh-so thrilling’ game. In Zombie-based movies you simply sit and watch zombies, now it’s time for you to play with them. Buy at your own risk for Rs. Click to See.

Glow in dark toilet paper

glow in dark tissues

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You could say this is a grown-up version of the famous glow-in-the-dark stickers. This is certainly for those who aren’t afraid of the dark. Now you can make their toilet paper holder glow for Rs. See Here.


hander gloves

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If your friend wants a break-up, ask him or her to go out on a date with these gloves on. You would be thankful to us. These gloves can be bought for Rs.Click to See.

Venus Fly Trap

venus fly trap

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He would expect one pretty-looking gift from everyone but after looking at your gift, you would certainly be a psychopathic weirdo for him. To prove yourself a total whacko, you can buy this for Rs. See Here.

Alien Bag Pack

alien bag

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At first look, this backpack seemed like an alien’s chopped off head to us. We are sure that many heads would turn around just to see the face of your friend? This intimidating yet stylish backpack can be bought for Rs. See Here.

Kat Le Doormat

katle door mat

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Salespersons, Charity People and all such one-time visitors of his Place would definitely think twice, before ringing the Door Bell. This whimsical Door Mat can be bought for Rs. Click to See.

Horn Please Metal Sign

horn please sign

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This metal Sign Board could be hung at one’s main gate, main door or even at one’s bedroom door, as an alternate sign for ‘Knock before you enter’. Well, if your friend’s capricious enough to choose you as a friend, you must show him how you two are cut from the same cloth. This can be bought for Rs. Click Here.

Cash Wipes

dollar bill tissues

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If you were skeptical about glow-in-the-dark Toilet rolls, then we have another one in store for you. This one for those, who are afraid of the dark. Give your friend a big roll of money and make him feel ‘filthy rich’ just for Rs. Click Here

Hulk Smash Gloves

hulk gloves

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A ‘fist’ or a ‘punch’ what do you think you would get in return? You can buy The Hulk’s hands only for Rs. Click to See.

Banana Umbrella

Banana Umbrella

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Gift him an umbrella made up of the sensational fruit, ‘Banana’. We definitely don’t wanna talk dirty now, there are ample of Banana jokes on the Internet. Now that you’re insisting so much, ahem, ahem:
“If he wants to turn people nuts, he’s got to show some guts.”
Usually, a show begins when the curtains are up, but here the real show would begin when the Curtain of Rain would go down. You can buy this Curtain of Rain for Rs. Click Here.

Dinosaur Bonehead Folding Brush & Comb

Dinosaur Head Comb

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If you want to give a boner to your weak-hearted pal, this could gift could help you with it. Well, the guests of his room would certainly think he is into Voodoo or something. Provided his profession is not Paleontology. This dinosaur skeleton’s look alike can be bought for Rs. See Here.

We think you should now stop looking for unique gifts now, because the word ‘unique’ is now being replaced, with the word ‘weird’. While giving the gift, if you on one side, would laugh secretly inside your devilish head. They on the other would keep guessing about your choice, inside their little innocent head. Those people who aren’t lucky enough to possess such gifts, they would definitely feel weird around your friend. So what do you aim for? Do you want to make your friend feel weird or the people around him?

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