What are Fidget Cubes?

Fidget Cube: An Interesting Stress Relieving Toy

I’m aware of the spinner, but what is a fidget cube?

Fidget toys have gained rapid popularity in recent times. Specially, the fidget spinner. Every kid, teenager and adult wants to enjoy a spinner. However, the fidget spinner has an older sibling who is relatively unknown in the mainstream – the fidget cube. Originally, the fidget cube was designed for those restlessness souls who can’t stop fidgeting or have issues focusing.

Fidget, Click and Turn it Side to Side

The fidget cube is very different from the spinner. While the spinner can only spin, each side of the fidget cube have a unique function to engage you. You can click, guide, glide, flip, roll and spin in this one compact little cube. The different sides and their features help your fidgeting needs through different moods and levels of mental wellbeing. Be it stressed clicking or idle gliding; this little toy will be your company through it all. It was initially developed by psychologists to help children with ADHD. Over time though, the cube as well as the spinner has also become known as an aid to help relieve stress and anxiety while inducing calm.


Fidget Cube or Fidget Spinner?

Both the spinner and the cube are efficient in what they do. However the fidget spinner is the cool sibling everyone wants to hang out with. Kids are enamored by the spinner more than the cube. They are attractive with LEDs and patterns. It makes a great gift as well. You can find our picks for the best fidget spinners here.

It is the fidget cube however, which is the more efficient of the two siblings. While the spinner is being heralded as a novelty, the cube is the one which has critical praise from experts. The tiny rectangle can simply hang from your keys and be there in your most trying times. This is why fidget cubes are stress relievers and make a very thoughtful gift for adults or kids.


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